K-Pop Fans Think That These 13 Female Idols Rock The Short Hair Look Best

Short cuts were made for these idols 😍

While longer haircuts tend to be more common for female idols in the K-Pop industry, there have been plenty of times where they have rocked shorter bobs or even boycuts as well! Recently on Reddit, fans discussed which female K-Pop idols they think have looked best with shorter haircuts, and while their opinions are, of course, subjective, it’s hard to deny that all of their choices looked amazing with that hairstyle! Here are 13 of their top choices.

1. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

Hwasa has had a ton of different cuts and colors during her career, all of which she looked stunning in. Some fans, however, think her most iconic cuts have been her shorter ones, especially when it was dyed a bright, colorful orange!

2. Winter (aespa)

Though Winter hasn’t been in the industry for long, she has already gone from long, blonde hair to a dark and short bob in more recent times, and fans think that her pretty visuals suit the style perfectly.

3. Yechan (Pink Fantasy)

Yechan is one of only a few female idols who has tried a very short-cropped hairstyle, and it looks incredible on her fairy-like features! She has also had a longer bob as well, which she suits equally well.

4. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Jeongyeon has had arguably the most iconic short cuts among female K-Pop idols, especially since she debuted with such a short and cute boycut. Though her hair has been longer more often recently, fans will always adore her in a bob!

5. Ryujin (ITZY)

Ryujin is another female idol who is known to usually have shorter hair, and fans are especially fond of her “WANNABE”-era hair, which was a stunning dark blue bob that looked incredible on her!

6. Yeri (Red Velvet)

This Red Velvet maknae is a natural beauty, and though she has longer hair more often than not, some fans would love to see her return to a shorter cut sometime soon.

7. Choa (former AOA)

If any idol could copyright the short blonde bob, it would probably be Choa! The former AOA member was rarely seen in anything else, and the group even released the song “Short Hair” which was pretty much made for Choa.

8. Jihyo (TWICE)

Jihyo’s visuals shine no matter what haircut or color she has, but she looks especially youthful and cute when she has a shorter and bouncier style!

9. Eunha (VIVIZ)

The former GFRIEND member and now-VIVIZ member Eunha is another idol who has had shorter cuts more often than long ones, so they simply look natural on her cute, heart-shaped face!

10. J (STAYC)

J is known among STAYC’s members for her short hair, whether it’s a dark color or something brighter like peachy-pink. It definitely suits her sweet visuals, and doesn’t need to be changed anytime soon!

11. Chaewon (LE SSERAFIM)

Former IZ*ONE member and future LE SSERAFIM member Chaewon has recently been turning heads with her teaser photos featuring a dark bob, and it’s easy to see why!

12. Lisa (BLACKPINK)

From blonde to black and numerous colors in between, Lisa is definitely a queen of short hair. It looks especially bouncy and elegant when she’s dancing, and it matches well with her usual thick bangs!

13. IU

Finally, this soloist has been in the industry for a long time, and while IU’s hair color hasn’t changed drastically over the years, she has had many different lengths. The short bob definitely gives her a youthful vibe, which makes it easy to forget just how long she’s been an idol!

Source: Reddit