15 Words That Mean Something Else To K-Pop Fans

Only K-Pop stans will understand.

Every K-Pop fan knows there are plenty of words that are exclusive to the K-Pop fandom and it’s almost like a right of passage for each new fan to learn these words. Of course, there are also many words that take on a whole different meaning in K-Pop. While every fan learns that these words come with two different meanings, anyone outside the fandom will assume you’re talking about something else entirely!


1. Comeback

What it usually means: This can either mean someone or something went away then came back or that you gave a quick (and snarky) reply to some kind of criticism.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Time to celebrate! You’re faves are dropping something new!


2. Fighting

What it usually means: A physical altercation.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Fighting or Hwaiting is what you say when you want to cheer someone on or tell them good luck. So everyone else shouldn’t worry, there’s nothing bad about this one at all!


3. BTS

What it usually means: BTS normally is a shortened way to say “behind the scenes.”


What it means to K-Pop fans: BTS! Bangtan! Beyond The Scene! Any and all of the above because it’s the one and only BTS.


4. Big Bang

What it usually means: We’re either talking about the popular comedy series The Big Bang Theory or the scientific theory of how the universe began.


What it means to K-Pop fans: BIGBANG, you know the amazing 5-member group also known as the kings of K-Pop or the Nation’s Boy Band.


5. Ocean

What it usually means: A big giant body of salt water. There are five of them including the Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Atlantic, and Southern (Antarctic).


What it means to K-Pop fans: The glorious sight of thousands of fans coming together and showing their love for their idols with their lightsticks.


6. Virus

What it usually means: An infectious agent that causes sickness. Can apply to both living organisms and computers.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Not all viruses are bad. Some idols are known as a happy virus because they manage to brighten up any atmosphere with their jokes and smiles.


7. All-Kill

What it usually means: Something straight out of a horror movie where everything and everyone ends up biting it.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Every fan knows this is a good thing. Nothing horrible going on here! It simply means that a song reached no. 1 on all real-time charts!


8. Bias

What it usually means: Prejudice in favor of or against something. Usually in a way that is considered unfair.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Your favorite member of a group. Maybe it’s someone you think has an exceptional voice or dances really well or it could be someone that you love their personality. Definitely, no unfairness going on here though because even though you’ve picked out a bias, every other member is always trying to ruin your bias list.


9. Carat

What it usually means: A unit of weight for precious stones and pearls.


What it means to K-Pop fans: The one and only fandom for SEVENTEEN!


10. Elf

What it usually means: Pint-sized workers at Santa Claus’ workshop or incredibly beautiful supernatural beings with powers.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Capitalize these letters and you’ve got yourself the fandom of Super Junior!


11. Beagle

What it usually means: A particular breed of dogs.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Every fan knows that when an idol is described as a “beagle” it means they are someone who is loud, playful, and likes to cause mischief.


12. No jam

What it usually means: If you were to say this to someone who isn’t a K-Pop stan then they would likely assume that you had no jam, jelly, or preserves.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Meanwhile, K-Pop fans know that these can be used as fighting words. To have no jams means you are no fun!


13. Running Man

What it usually means: To the average person it simply means a man that is running.


What it means to K-Pop fans: But to everyone immersed into K-Pop, they know it’s a fun variety show that you never know what is going to happen on.


14. Trash

What it usually means: Anything that you are discarding. Oftentimes seen as incredibly gross and can’t wait to get rid of items.


What it means to K-Pop fans: Trash doesn’t refer to anything gross or unwanted in this case. When you’re known as a “trash” fan that just means you are an absolute fan of a certain group, artist, or celebrity. You probably know all their singles, have all their albums, and know a ton of interesting facts about them! Being trash simply means you’ve reached the ultimate level of being a fan!


15. Cookie

What it usually means: A delicious snack that comes in a variety of different kinds!

Image result for cookie


What it means to K-Pop fans: Take away the “C” and replace it with a “K” and you’ve unlocked another nickname for everyone’s favorite golden maknae!