7 K-Pop-Themed Fiction Books For K-Pop Fans

Paranormal girl groups? K-Drama rom-coms? Sign us up!

1. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

This funny and heartwarming book follows Desi Lee (student body president, soccer star, future Stanford pupil) who has big plans and bigger dreams. Most of the time Desi is cool and confident, except when it comes to boys; then she’s a stammering disaster. Desi has never had a boyfriend, so when a super attractive guy walks into her life she looks to Korean dramas for guidance. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned!


2. The Beautiful Dead: A Tale of K-Pop, Ghosts, and Nine-Tailed Fox Women by Jun Prince

If rom-coms aren’t your thing, don’t worry. We’ve got something for you too! This paranormal K-Pop novel follows Yubin, a trainee who isn’t crazy about giving up school and signing long contracts to debut with the upcoming girl group SIITY. In fact, she doesn’t even like her members. She’d rather spend time with her former schoolmate Jieun, even though they only communicate through text. This book takes an unexpected supernatural twist when Yubin discovers that she has actually been texting Jieun’s ghost; Jieun died five years ago. Yubin’s not the only SIITY member with issues though. Each member is dealing with her own “ghosts” (both literal and figurative) and the only way they can survive these hauntings–and their debut–is if they work together…whether they like it or not. If you love girl groups, ghosts, and gumihos, then this is for you!


3. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Okay, so this isn’t technically a K-Pop book, but the plot could be something straight out of a K-Drama. In this hilarious love story, heroine Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, only to discover that he’s basically the Bachelor of Singapore. Every one wants to marry him, so now non-celeb Rachel has a target on her back, and she has to survive her BF’s family, all while trying to navigate this new crazy rich world. This book is ideal for K-Drama fans who love a good poor girl meets chaebol love story!


4. Celebrity Superhero by Jennie Bennett

Jennie Bennett self-published three K-Pop romance books before a publisher snapped her up for Celebrity Superhero. This book is about Anna Eom, a super fan for the K-pop group SUPER. Each member has his own superpower, but Anna’s bias is the super speedy, super strong, (and super hot) Sungwook. All Anna wants is to see SUPER’s new music video, but her mom cuts the Wi-Fi to make Anna visit with some old family friends from Korea. Anna dreads having to see Caleb, the kid who bullied her ten years ago, but when her parents open the front door the guy standing there isn’t Caleb, it’s Sungwook, and Anna soon discovers that his superpowers might not just be a concept.


5. Undercover Fan by Jennie Bennett

Jennie Bennett is also the author of this stand-alone novel from her K-Pop Romance series. This story follows Corrine Miller-Hayden, a cheer team captain and Texas beauty queen who would die of embarrassment if anyone found out about her K-Pop obsession. Things get crazy though when she runs into her ultimate bias, Minji, at a fan gathering, accidentally takes his phone…and soon becomes the target of a water balloon attack. After Minji saves her, she doesn’t know what to do. How can she love Minji openly, yet keep her fangirling a secret? This book is for all the closeted K-Pop fans who need to embrace their nerdy side ASAP!


6. Kpop Club by Y.R. Choi

This indie read is for any fan who has ever dreamed of becoming an idol. The story is about a recent high school grad named Krystal who is determined to debut as a K-Pop star. After passing an audition, Krystal becomes the final member of a new multinational girl group, Kpop Club. Kpop Club explores the industry while Krystal works hard to overcome her self-doubt and make her debut.


7. Hello, I Love You by Katie M. Stout

This K-Pop themed YA book follows Grace Wilde, a girl who tries to escape her own life by running away to a boarding school in Korea. She wants nothing to do with her famous, musically talented family, or music, but she finds herself right back where she started when she gets romantically involved with a K-Pop idol. Now, Grace can’t ignore her heart, or the music she knows she was born to write.