10 Of The Most Fun And Popular K-Pop MV Concepts From 2019

Which concept do you like best?

There are an endless number of concepts in the music industry, which is part of what makes K-Pop so much fun. It’s always exciting to see what kind of concept a group is going to have for their debut or comeback, especially if it’s something that is new or unusual for them.

There are a number of concepts, however, that start trending in the K-Pop world, especially when they’re well-received by fans.  Here are some of the 10 most popular and liked concept ideas from the last year!

10. Happy/Fun Concept

Examples: BTS’s “Boy With Luv”, WINNER’s “AH YEAH”, fromis_9’s “FUN!”

9. Melancholic Concept

Examples: iKON’s “I’M OK”, GFRIEND’s “Sunrise”,  EDEN’s “Suffering For Love”

8. Sexy Concept

Examples: KNK’s “Sunset”, VAV’s “Thrilla Killa”, MONSTA X’S “Alligator”

7. Visual Art Concept

Examples: Taeyong’s “Long Flight”, ONEUS’s “Valkyrie”, GOT7’s “Eclipse”

6. Girl Power Concept

Examples: CLC’s “Me”, LOONA’s “Butterfly”, Ailee’s “Room Shaker”

5. Cute Concept

Examples: Red Velvet’s “Umpah Umpah”, OH MY GIRL’s “BUNGEE”, SATURDAY’s “WiFi”

4. Sassy/Glamour Concept

Examples: Chungha’s “Snapping”, AB6IX’s “BREATHE”, TWICE’s “Breakthrough”

3. Teen Crush Concept


2. Aesthetic Concept

Examples: IZ*ONE’s “Violeta”, ASTRO’s “All Night”, SEVENTEEN’s “Home”

1. Girl Crush Concept

Examples: BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”, TWICE’s “Fancy”, EVERGLOW’s “Adios”