If None Of These K-Pop Pictures Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

Try not to smile.

1. Eye doctor: “Is this better or worse?”. You:


2. Reality check


3. Singing isn’t TWICE Mina’s only special ability


4. Relationship goals


5. We’re pretty sure that’s not how Melon works…


6. Hair goals, for sure


7. Seungri’s mom says he’s cool, and we agree


8. Confidence 101


9. The exact moment when this handshake was rejected


10. This ultimatum


11. Struggling through life like:


12. Beauty sleep


13. When you accidentally turn on your camera in selfie mode


14. Never insult the hair


15. Introducing BTOB’s Sungjae, King of Derp


16. We see no difference


17. Just smile and nod


18. Even V can’t choose one BTS bias…


19. Cute, but deadly


20. The hidden pink


21. BTS’s Suga, at his swaggiest


22. That twerking incident Wanna One’s Park Woojin would like everyone to forget


23. Nobody knows fashion like NCT’s Johnny does


24. We’re not sure what SHINee’s Minho is doing, but we’re loving it


25. The definition of perfect timing


26. Best friends for life


27. Is that kimbap for here, or to go?


28. TWICE isn’t dramatic. Not at all.


29. Don’t mess with this mom


30. When M Countdown became Jerry Springer


31. Good times