Here Are 10 Ways that G-Dragon Paved The Way For Other K-Pop Artists

A true trendsetter

G-Dragon has been in the entertainment industry for a long time, and has long been known to be trendsetter of all kinds of things, from music to fashion to culture and everything in between. A lot of idols have followed in his footsteps, thanks to how he’s paved the way in the industry for younger generations. Here are just 10 of the things he has done to make an impact in the K-Pop world.

1. The finger heart sign

Rumors have it that G-Dragon was one of the first idols to use and make popular this now much-used gesture.

2. Fandom lightsticks

G-Dragon was actually the person who thought of the concept of lightsticks in order to see BIGBANG‘s fans in a concert audience!

3. Airport fashion

G-Dragon was actually one of the first idols to make “airport fashion” a thing, which is now a trend that has been adopted by idols all over.

4. Breaking gender roles

The idol has long been breaking gendered trends in fashion and beauty in the industry, from being the first male idol to endorse lipstick to wearing “feminine” things like skirts and nail polish in both photo shoots and everyday life.

5. Listed on “50 reasons why Seoul is the best city”

Sort of a funny side-note, but he’s on this CNN-written list beside such things as kimchi, Taekwondo, and Korean saunas!

6. Attendance of Paris Fashion Week

G-Dragon was the first Korean idol to be invited to this elite fashion show, due to his status as one of Asia’s biggest fashion moguls.

7. International collabs with foreign brands

G-Dragon has been one of the most sought-after Asian celebrities for foreign brands to work with, including Chanel, Givenchy, and Nike, even when collaborations with Korean celebrities wasn’t common.

8. Music production and composition

The idol is the first (and only) Korean pop star to receive the KOMCA Daesang for being the artist with the most royalties and copyrighted songs.

9. Making everything sell out

Pretty much anything that G-Dragon wore or promoted became sold out nation-wide (even these green slippers), due to how trendy he’s considered and how sought-after his style is.

10. Changing hair colors

He earned the name “iguana idol” due to his habit of changing his hair color multiple times in a year before the trend was popular.