These Are The Top 15 K-Pop Girl Artists With The Most Music Show Wins Ever

#1 has an insane amount of wins.

The topic of music show wins can be kind of controversial in K-Pop, with some fans thinking that it’s just a popularity contest, but there’s no doubt that the awards mean a lot to the artists, so they deserve recognition at least for that! The following 15 female K-Pop artists have had the most music show wins in the industry, and some of them have an insane amount! Of course, they all worked really hard and deserve what they’ve won, so it’s nice to see all of that effort be awarded.

15. Baby Vox (32 wins)

This group debuted in 1997, so many K-Pop fans these days haven’t heard of them, but they managed to make it on this list with 32 music show wins! They had their first win in 1999 with the song “Get up” on Music Bank.

14. T-ara (33 wins)

T-ara was a very successful group back in their active days, and they did well with music show wins! Though it’s hard to find the information on all of their wins, these were some of their most successful songs:

“Roly Poly” (3 wins)

“Lovey Dovey” (13 wins)

“Bo Peep Bo Peep” (5 wins)

“I Go Crazy Because of You” (3 wins)

“Cry Cry” (2 wins)

13. f(x) (33 wins)

Though f(x) hasn’t been active in a long time, they still got a fair amount of wins when they were! It took them 605 after debut, but they finally got their first win with “Pinocchio (Danger)” on Music Bank.

12. ITZY (34 wins)

For a rookie group, ITZY has won a ton of awards for their short time together, and even has the most wins for a debut song! Here are how many awards each of their 4 songs has won:

“DALLA DALLA” (9 wins)

“ICY” (12 wins)

“WANNABE” (8 wins)

“Not Shy” (5 wins)

11. BLACKPINK (34 wins)

BLACKPINK has won a fair amount of awards, especially considering how few songs they’ve released. Here are all of their winning songs:

“Whistle” (3 wins)

“Playing With Fire” (2 wins)

“As If It’s Your Last” (3 wins)

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” (11 wins)

“Kill This Love” (2 wins)

“How You Like That” (13 wins)

10. Wonder Girls (41 wins)

Wonder Girls has certainly done well for themselves, since 41 is no small number, especially for an older group! Their song “So Hot” has the most amount of wins of their songs, with 11 total.

9. MAMAMOO (42 wins)

MAMAMOO has done well both as a group and as solo artists, but this only includes group wins! Their winning songs are:

“You’re the Best” (8 wins)

“Décalcomanie” (1 win)

“Yes I Am” (7 wins)

“Starry Night” (9 wins)

“Egotistic” (2 wins)

“Gogobebe” (7 wins)

“Hip” (8 wins)

8. SISTAR (43 wins)

SISTAR was a vocal powerhouse during their time together, and they rightfully won many awards! It’s difficult to track down just how many wins each of their songs have, but their song with the most wins is “Give It To Me”, which has 11 total!

7. 2NE1 (43 wins)

Though they are no longer together, 2NE1 won an impressive amount of awards in their time. Again, while it’s difficult to find exactly how many awards each of their songs won, they had their first win with “Fire” only 79 days after they debuted!

6. Apink (51 wins)

Apink has been around for a long time, and they’ve racked up a lot of wins since 2011! Here all all of their songs with awards:

“My My” (1 win)

“NoNoNo” (2 wins)

“Mr. Chu” (6 wins)

“LUV” (17 wins)

“Remember” (3 wins)

“Five” (6 wins)

“I’m So Sick” (5 wins)

“%%” (3 wins)

“Dumhdurum” (8 wins)

5. IU (65 wins)

As the only solo artist on this list, IU has done an incredible job! Here are all of her songs with the amount of awards they’ve won:

“Nagging” (3 wins)

“Good Day” (8 wins)

“You and I” (10 wins)

“The Red Shoes” (6 wins)

“Friday” (4 wins)

“Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” (1 win)

“Sogyeokdong” (1 win)

“Twenty-Three” (3 wins)

“Through the Night” (2 wins)

“Palette” (10 wins)

“BBIBBI” (7 wins)

“Love Poem” (4 wins)

“Blueming” (6 wins)

4. GFRIEND (69 wins)

These are the amounts of wins that GFRIEND’s songs have:

“Rough” (15 wins)

“Navillera” (14 wins)

“Fingertip” (2 wins)

“Love Whisper” (4 wins)

“Summer Rain” (2 wins)

“Time for the Moon Night” (10 wins)

“Sunrise” (6 wins)

“Fever” (6 wins)

“Crossroads” (7 wins)

“Apple” (3 wins)

3. Red Velvet (73 wins)

Here are all of the songs that Red Velvet has had wins on:

“Ice Cream Cake” (6 wins)

“Dumb Dumb” (5 wins)

“One of These Nights” (5 wins)

“Russian Roulette” (6 wins)

“Rookie” (9 wins)

“Red Flavor” (5 wins)

“Peek-A-Boo” (2 wins)

“Bad Boy” (5 wins)

“Power Up” (10 wins)

“Zimzalabim” (5 wins)

“Umpah Umpah” (6 wins)

“Psycho” (9 wins)

2. Girls’ Generation (100 wins)

Here are all of Girls’ Generation’s songs that have wins, and the amount of wins that they’ve had:

“Into the New World” (1 win)

“Girls’ Generation” (4 wins)

“Kissing You” (5 wins)

“Baby Baby” (1 win)

“Gee” (14 wins)

“Genie” (3 wins)

“Oh!” (10 wins)

“Run Devil Run” (4 wins)

“Hoot” (8 wins)

“The Boys” (12 wins)

“I Got A Boy” (6 wins)

“Mr. Mr.” (9 wins)

“Party” (7 wins)

“Lion Heart” (15 wins)

1. TWICE (106 wins)

TWICE officially has the most music show wins of any girl group! Here are all of their songs with wins:

“Cheer Up” (11 wins)

“TT” (13 wins)

“Knock Knock” (9 wins)

“Signal” (12 wins)

“Likey” (7 wins)

“Heart Shaker” (9 wins)

“What Is Love” (12 wins)

“Dance the Night Away” (10 wins)

“Yes or Yes” (4 wins)

“Fancy” (3 wins)

“Feel Special” (7 wins)

“More & More” (9 wins)