The 10 Tallest Fourth Generation K-Pop Girl Group Idols Could Tower Over Their Seniors

One is only 15 years old!

We just took a look at some of the tallest male idols in the fourth generation of K-Pop, so of course we have to do the same for the girls as well! Even though most of the following idols are still in their teens — with one as young as 15! — they’re all taller than the average height for female K-Pop idols. Check out these ten tallest ladies of the fourth generation below!

10. Zoa (Weeekly)

Born on May 31, 2005, Zoa is the sub-vocal, sub rapper, visual, and maknae of Weeekly, and at 16 years old, she’s 170cm (5’7″) tall!

9. Mayna (HOT ISSUE)

Born on May 12, 2000, Mayna is the dancer, rapper, and vocalist of HOT ISSUE, and at 21 years old, she’s 170cm (5’7″) tall!

8. Layeon (PURPLEBECK)


Born on August 13, 1998, Layeon is the main vocalist of PURPLEBECK, and at 23 years old, she’s 170cm (5’7″) tall!


Born on April 12, 1994, Doi is the lead vocalist, sub-rapper, and visual of FANATICS, and at 27 years old, she’s 170cm (5’7″) tall!

6. Loha (NATURE)

Born on December 27, 2001, Loha is the main rapper, main dancer, and vocalist of NATURE, and at 19 years old, she’s 171cm (5’7.5″) tall!

5. Juhyeon (LIGHTSUM)

Born on April 8, 2004, Juhyeon is the leader, main dancer, and lead vocalist of LIGHTSUM, and at 17 years old, she’s 171cm (5’7.5″) tall!

4. Monday (Weeekly)

Born on May 10, 2002, Monday is the vocal leader, main vocalist, main dancer, and sub-rapper of Weeekly, and at 19 years old, she’s 172cm (5’7.5″) tall!

3. Yoonhye (FANATICS)

Born on October 4, 2001, Yoonhye is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper of FANATICS, and at 20 years old, she’s 173cm (5’8″) tall!

2. JooA (Hi-L)

Born on March 4, 2002, JooA is the sub-vocalist of Hi-L, and at 19 years old, she’s 173cm (5’8″) tall!

1. Fatou (BLACKSWAN)


Born on March 23, 1995, Fatou is the main rapper, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of BLACKSWAN, and at 26 years old, she’s 173cm (5’8″) tall!

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