7 Must-Listen Girl Group Songs for Whenever You Need A Pick “Me” Up

These songs will both comfort and empower you (and make you want to dance too).

Anywhere you look in K-Pop, you’ll find songs about “me.” Yet, just because these songs contain that word in the title or are the subject of the song doesn’t inherently make the song selfish. Many of these songs are actually uplifting and empowering. Here are seven of the many K-Pop songs by fierce females with the title and subject of “me.”

1. CLC – ME (美)

In their 2019 single, the girls of CLC sing about being a “new me,” one that has a beauty that is never-ending and that photos can’t capture. Yet even though they now have this new stunning beauty about them, they still maintain their innocence and pureness underneath it all. It’s a song designed to encourage now to notice and appreciate their inner—and outer—beauty. If you ever feel you lack self-worth, give this song a listen.

2. SISTAR – Give It To Me

“Give It To Me” is the title track of SISTAR’s 2013 studio album sharing the same name. Its lyrics are about being lovesick for someone and having feelings of panic and despair about possibly ending up alone. The members sing about wanting to be given love and declare that it’s all they need. Anxiety about the future of a relationship and desiring the love of another are sentiments that are relatable to so many of us, which makes this song the perfect listen for when you need to have those feelings understood.


EXID’s 2019 single “ME&YOU” came off of their fifth mini-album We. The song ended up being their final one released as a group, as the members all parted ways after its promotion (though their former company still claims that the group has not disbanded). The lyrics of this final song display feelings of annoyance and exasperation directed towards what seems to be an ex-boyfriend. The girls remind him that there’s no more “me & you,” that they want him to mind his own business and that they’re doing just fine without him. If you’ve ever been frustrated by an ex and felt the need to vent, this song is for you.

4. Oh My Girl – Remember Me (불꽃골이)

Oh My Girl’s sixth mini-album REMEMBER ME, released in 2018, featured this same-name song as it’s the title track. The song’s lyrics tell a story about one looking back on a romance they once had and feeling nostalgic for those times gone by. They can’t remember how that relationship ended; all they know is that they want to be remembered and don’t want any of those memories to be forgotten. This is a perfect song for anyone feeling nostalgic about a past romance and feel a desire to be remembered.

5. AOA – Come See Me (날 보러 와요)

As the title track from their 2019 mini-album New Moon, AOA’s single’s message is about being in love with someone and having a longing to be with them in both a physical and emotional sense. They want that certain someone to “hurry to them before the sun comes up.” This is a song about wanting to be together with someone you love, and is just the song for anyone asking that certain someone to “come see me.”

6. Girls’ Generation – Catch Me If You Can

This 2015 Girls’ Generation hit was their first single released after their regrouping as an eight-member group. In the song, the members sing about being a changed and constantly evolving woman, and that their suitor needs to try and catch up to them before they move on. The lyrics even depict a bit of a “playing hard to get” scenario. It’s a high-octane song encouraging girls (and guys) to find and hold onto their self-respect and not sell themselves short for anyone.

7. 2NE1 – Do You Love Me

Rounding out the list is 2NE1’s electropop hit “Do You Love  Me.” In the song, the members describe how they feel about how they’ve fallen in love with someone but are unsure if the other feels the same. They believe that the two of them could be together forever, but don’t want to hastily jump to any conclusions, hence the titular question if they’re loved back in the same way. The digital single didn’t win any awards, but that doesn’t stop this from being a song about “me” that will undoubtedly make you want to get up and dance.

There are many more “me” songs that couldn’t fit into this list. Of the ones that weren’t included, what are your faves that should be included in the next edition?