7 Girl Groups That Have Never Tried A Sexy Concept

These girl groups haven’t ventured into the “sexy” concept… yet!

With each new comeback, K-Pop groups change up their concepts, with many venturing into both “cute” and “sexy” territory, depending on the content of their songs. While some girl groups are most famous for their sexy concepts, there are others that have never tried a risqué concept at all, even years after debut. Check out the girl groups that have continued to rock the “cute”, “girl crush” or “mature” concepts.



Since OH MY GIRL‘s debut in 2015, they’ve had a girl-next-door concept…


…that ventured into a dreamy, fantasy-like feel for their second extended play (EP), “Closer” and later their fifth EP “Secret Garden”.


The girls changed to a more childish look for their sub-unit Oh My Girl Banhana‘s “Banana Allergy Monkey” return in 2018, much to the chagrin of fans and netizens alike who would have liked to see a return to the fantasy concept.


2. April

Six-member group April debuted in 2015 with their first mini-album “Dreaming”. Their concept was fairy-tale like and feminine.


Amongst lineup changes and the departure of their leader Somin, April has since continued with cute, pretty concepts for their comebacks “Spring”, “Prelude”, Mayday”, “Eternity”, and their latest album, The Ruby, which contains their more slightly more mature retro track “Oh! My Mistake”.


3. Apink

The seven-member group debuted in 2011, with the mini-album “Seven Springs of Apink”.


The now six-member group has released seven Korean mini-albums, three Korean studio albums and three Japanese studio albums to date, each with unique “cute” concepts.


Their latest release “I’m So Sick” has a more mature “girl crush” concept and is absolutely killing it on the charts.


4. Lovelyz

Lovelyz‘s debut “Girls Invasion” came with a high school girl look, and their subsequent releases have focused on elegant and feminine concepts.


Their latest album, “Heal” has a more mature, but still chaste, concept.



LOOΠΔ‘s debut as a full 12-member group was in August 2018 with “FavOriTe” from their first full album “++”, but their individual solo releases and sub-units had debuted over the previous 18 months with variations on the “cute” concept.


LOOΠΔ 1/3, which consists of Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul and ViVi, debuted with “Love & Live” in 2017.


LOOΠΔ/Odd Eye Circle debuted late in 2017, with members Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry releasing their extended play “Mix & Match”.


LOOΠΔ yyxy (youth youth by young) was the final sub-unit to debut, comprising members Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye. Their EP “Beauty & The Beat” was released in May 2018, ahead of LOOΠΔ’s full official debut, which also included member Yeojin (the “/” in LOOΠΔ 1/3, but who didn’t promote with the group).


6. Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

Similar to LOOΠΔ, Cosmic Girls was introduced first as four sub-units (Wonder Unit, Joy Unit, Sweet Unit and Natural Unit) and later as an official 12-member group with their first mini-album “Would U Like?” in 2016.


Later that year I.O.I member Yoo Yeonjung joined the group and they released “The Secret” and their first full length album, “Happy Moment”.


Cosmic Girls’ latest release, “Save Me, Save You” has a bit more of a mature tone, but it stops just short of venturing into a sexy concept.



GFRIEND debuted in 2015 with “Season of Glass and stuck with a similar cutesy concept for “Snowflake” and their first full-length album “LOL” in 2016.


In 2017, GFRIEND made a comeback with a new, slightly mature concept for their fourth EP “The Awakening”.


Their entry into the Japanese market this year is somewhere in the middle.