The Smallest To Biggest Height Differences Between The Shortest And Tallest Members Of 17 Fourth Generation K-Pop Girl Groups

One group has a half-foot difference!

Some K-Pop groups have members with similar heights, while others have members that are drastically different in height, and that can cause some difficulties, such as making sure dances are synced up well! There’s a wide range of small and big differences in heights between members in K-Pop groups, but have you ever wondered which group has the biggest height difference? These are the height differences between the shortest and tallest members of 17 fourth generation girl groups, in order of smallest to biggest difference.


Shortest member: Chaein (160cm/5’3″)

Tallest member: Swan (166cm/5’5.5″)

Height difference: 6cm (2.5″)


16. aespa

Shortest member: NingNing (161cm/5’3.5″)

Tallest member: Karina (168cm/5’6″)

Height difference: 7cm (2.5″)

aespa | SM Entertainment

15. NewJeans

Shortest member: Hanni (162cm/5’4″)

Tallest member: Hyein (170cm/5’7″)

Height difference: 8cm (3″)

NewJeans | HYBE Labels

14. (G)I-DLE

Shortest member: Soyeon (157cm/5’2″)

Tallest member: Minnie (165cm/5’5″)

Height difference: 8cm (3″)

(G)I-DLE | Cube Entertainment

13. Weeekly

Shortest member: Jihan (165cm/5’5″)

Tallest member: Monday (173cm/5’8″)

Height difference: 8cm (3″)

Weeekly | IST Entertainment

12. ITZY

Shortest member: Lia (163cm/5’4″)

Tallest member: Yuna (172cm/5’7.5″)

Height difference: 9cm (3.5″)

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

11. IVE

Shortest member: Gaeul (164cm/5’4.5″)

Tallest member: Wonyoung (173cm/5’8″)

Height difference: 9cm (3.5″)

IVE | Starship Entertainment


Shortest member: Jiwoo (162cm/5’4″)

Tallest member: Bae (171cm/5’7.5″)

Height difference: 9cm (3.5″)

NMIXX | JYP Entertainment


Shortest member: SakuraChaewon (163cm/5’4″)

Tallest member: Yunjin (172cm/5’7.5″)

Height difference: 9cm (3.5″)

LE SSERAFIM | Source Music

8. Billlie

Shortest member: Haruna (162cm/5’4″)

Tallest member: Siyoon (171cm/5’7.5″)

Height difference: 9cm (3.5″)


7. Secret Number

Shortest member: Zuu (160cm/5’3″)

Tallest member: Léa (170cm/5’7″)

Height difference: 10cm (4″)

Secret Number | Vine Entertainment

6. fromis_9

Shortest member: Jisun (158cm/5’2″)

Tallest member: Chaeyoung (169cm/5’6.5″)

Height difference: 11cm (4.5″)

fromis_9 | Pledis Entertainment

5. Rocket Punch

Shortest member: Yunkyoung (159cm/5’2.5″)

Tallest member: Suyun (170cm/5’7″)

Height difference: 11cm (4.5″)

Rocket Punch | Woollim Entertainment


Shortest member: Sieun (158cm/5’2″)

Tallest member: Yoon (170cm/5’7″)

Height difference: 12cm (5″)

STAYC | High Up Entertainment

3. Kep1er

Shortest member: Hikaru (155cm/5’1″)

Tallest member: Xiaoting (168cm/5’6″)

Height difference: 13cm (5″)

Kep1er | WAKEONE Entertainment


Shortest member: E:U (161cm/5’3.5″)

Tallest member: Aisha (174cm/5’8.5″)

Height difference: 13cm (5″)

EVERGLOW | Yuehua Entertainment

1. Cherry Bullet

Shortest member: Haeyoon (157cm/5’2″)

Tallest member: May (173cm/5’8″)

Height difference: 16cm (6″)

Cherry Bullet | FNC Entertainment
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