Here’s A Look At The Most-Watched MV For The Top 15 K-Pop Girl Groups

Check out their line distributions, too!

While it used to be rare for any K-Pop music video to break a hundred million views in the past, these days, it’s a much more common occurrence, though still definitely something to feel accomplished about!

TWICE’s Sana

There are several girl groups in the music genre that have reached this and even higher milestones, both rookies and older groups, with some of their most-watched music videos even reaching multiple hundreds of millions or, in a couple of instances, over a billion.

aespa’s Karina

Here is a list of the most-watched music video from the 15 girl groups with the most views, along with how the lines are distributed for each!

15. “Alone” by SISTAR

Released on April 11, 2012, “Alone” is up to 119.1 million views (as well as 450.4k likes)!

14. “Black Mamba” by aespa

Released on November 17, 2020, “Black Mamba” is up to 128.4 million views (as well as 2.75 million likes)!

13. “Electric Shock” by f(x)

Released on June 11, 2012, “Electric Shock” is up to 132.5 million views (as well as 938.9k likes)!

12. “La Vie en Rose” by IZ*ONE

Released on October 29, 2018, “La Vie en Rose” is up to 146.2 million views (as well as 1.66 million likes)!

11. “Crazy” by 4MINUTE

Released on February 18, 2015, “Crazy” is up to 148.8 million views (as well as 1.52 million likes)!

10. “LATATA” by (G)I-DLE

Released on May 2, 2018, “LATATA” is up to 160.1 million views (as well as 1.86 million likes)!


Released on February 3, 2020, “DUN DUN” is up to 194.4 million views (as well as 3.06 million likes)!

8. “Hip” by MAMAMOO

Released on November 14, 2019, “Hip” is up to 230.0 million views (as well as 3.67 million likes)!

7. “Gee” by Girls’ Generation

Released on June 8, 2009, “Gee” is up to 269.2 million views (as well as 1.87 million likes)!

6. “I Am the Best” by 2NE1

Released on June 27, 2011, “I Am the Best” is up to 286.8 million views (as well as 2.50 million likes)!


Released on March 9, 2020, “WANNABE” is up to 290.5 million views (as well as 4.16 million likes)!

4. “Bad Boy” by Red Velvet

Released on January 29, 2018, “Bad Boy” is up to 307.8 million views (as well as 3.42 million likes)!

3. “BBoom BBoom” by MOMOLAND

Released on January 3, 2018, “BBoom BBoom” is up to 493.5 million views (as well as 3.70 million likes)!

2. “TT” by TWICE

Released on October 23, 2016, “TT” is up to 572.4 million views (as well as 4.13 million likes)!


Released on June 15, 2018, “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is up to 1.52 billion views (as well as 16.93 million likes)!