Here Are 5 Talented K-Pop Girl Groups You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

These ladies deserve more love!

There are so many groups in K-Pop these days, and only a fraction of them actually end up becoming famous and successful, which is too bad. Whether it’s due to poor marketing or being part of small companies that don’t have the funds they need to make the groups successful, many of them end up disbanding before they’re able to get anywhere with their careers. The following 6 girl groups are all very talented, and haven’t had as much attention as they deserve!


HIGHTEEN is a four-member girl group that debuted on October 14, 2016 under Illusion Entertainment with the album Teen Magic. The group consists of leader Hyejoo, main vocalist Eunjin, main dancer and lead vocalist Hyebin, and main rapper and maknae SeA. They have yet to have a music video reach a million views, despite their pretty visuals and skills, but hopefully if they keep persevering they’ll be successful!

2. WeGirls

WeGirls is a 2-member girl group that debuted on August 31, 2018 with the song “On Air” under Aftermoon Entertainment. The group consists of lead dancer, vocalist, and visual JungA, and main vocalist Yehana. The group was actually created through a crowdfunding website, where people were able to vote who they thought should be the leader. Unfortunately the group has been through many member line-up changes, so the original line-up is drastically different than it used to be, but hopefully they will have a comeback before too long, maybe with new additional members.


GIRLKIND is a 4-member group that debuted under Next Level Entertainment on January 17, 2018, with the song “FANCI”. The group consists of leader, lead vocalist, main dancer, and face of the group Xeheun, main vocalist Medic Jin, main rapper and lead dancer JK, and vocalist, visual, and maknae Ellyn. They even have a sub-unit, GIRLKIND XJR, which is made up of Xeheun and JK. Most small groups that aren’t well-known don’t have sub-units, so hopefully this will be helpful for them to be more successful!

4. S.I.S

S.I.S is a 4-member group that debuted on August 25, 2017 under XX Entertainment. Originally 6 members, the group, whose name stands for “Serendipity In Stars”, became a quartet after two members group left in 2019. The group now consists of main rapper, main dancer, and vocalist Minzy, vocalist Gaeul, and lead vocalist, lead dancer, face of the group Anne, and main vocalist and maknae Sebin. They all participated in the show The Unit Idol Rebooting Project, where Anne was the highest-ranking member at rank 22.

5. G-reyish

G-reyish is a 4-member girl group that debuted under Elijah Entertainment on June 1, 2017. The members include leader, main vocalist, and visual Hyeji, main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist Shinyoung, main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, and center Yena, and lead vocalist and maknae Yeso. The group is unique in that they don’t have a leader, and the name is also inspired by the color grey. They have said since grey won’t lose it’s original color, even when it’s mixed with other colors, they hope to be a group that will never lose their original color. It’s definitely a creative concept!

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