8 Times That K-Pop Group Members Showed Their Friendship Through Tattoos Or Permanent Accessories

We all want friendships like these ♥

Friendship tattoos, rings, and other pieces of jewelry are not uncommon in the world as a whole. In the K-Pop industry, however, they’re not extremely common among idols (at least that we know of), especially tattoos! Here are 8 times that members of the same K-Pop group have shown just how strong their friendship is through tattoos or constantly-worn jewelry.

1. BTS

Of course, we have to start off with BTS! They’re the only group we know of in which all of the members have dedicated themselves to getting a friendship tattoo that’s meaningful to all of them. And that, as you likely know, is the number “7” for their seven members.


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Though not all of the members have shared their tattoos yet, we have slowly been getting peeks at many of them as each member feels comfortable sharing them!


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RM’s tattoo | @rkive/Instagram

Jin was the most recent to share his, and it can just barely be seen on his left side in these pictures on Instagram!


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2. San & Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

The friendships among ATEEZ’s members all seem incredibly strong and caring, but there’s no pair that seems closer in the group than besties San and Wooyoung!

San and Wooyoung

Last year, Wooyoung was spotted with the duo’s favorite phrase “amicus ad aras”, Latin for “friends until death”, tattooed on his lower thigh.

Wooyoung debuting his tattoo

And while we haven’t seen San’s yet, he also confirmed that he has a matching tattoo in the same place!

San and Wooyoung

These two definitely seem like soulmates ♥


Not only do all the members of SEVENTEEN share friendship rings, but they’ve actually updated them over the years with different full-length album releases so that they’ve had five different ones total!

They had one for their debut album, 17 Carat, their first full-length album, Love & Letter, their second full-length album, Teen, Age, and then their third full-length album, An Ode

And most recently, they upgraded to new ones with their latest full-length album, Face the Sun!


NCT DREAM is another K-Pop group who has showed their friendship with each other through rings!

They’re absolutely gorgeous… Which makes it more tragic that the members have lost their rings on multiple occasions 😂

It sounds like the group has gone through different friendship rings, with these ones from Cartier being the most expensive as a way to hopefully prevent the members from losing them again. And yet… Jeno admitted to losing his, while Haechan is afraid to wear his for fear of losing it!

The story was shared in this episode of Turkids on the Block.


Once more, MAMAMOO is another group that has friendship rings! And though three of the four members have tattoos, getting friendship tattoos for all of them isn’t possible since Solar doesn’t want any, which is reasonable.

On top of this, Hwasa and Wheein actually share two friendship tattoos! They each have the word “Resonance” on the back of their ankles, as well as “Caddo” on the side of their necks.

Hwasa and Wheein’s “Resonance” tattoos
Wheein and Hwasa’s “Caddo” tattoo

They’ve been friends for over a decade, so their bond is definitely strong!


Rookie girl group STAYC has already shown their love and commitment to each other through shared friendship rings as well!

They look beautiful and delicate, and suit the talented members of STAYC very well.

7. SinB & Eunha (VIVIZ)

Back when SinB and Eunha were still members of GFRIEND, the two shared their strong friendship to the world by getting matching tattoos on their toes!

They got what looks like a ring of leaves and flowers around their second biggest toes, which both look pretty and adorable.

8. Mark & Yugyeom (GOT7)

Finally, we can’t forget the matching tattoos that GOT7 members Mark and Yugyeom share! They each have the word “TRUTH” written on their inner arms in different fonts…

Mark and Yugyeom’s “TRUTH” tattoos

…And they also share the tattoo with Yugyeom’s ’97 line bestie, BTS’s Jungkook!

Jungkook’s “TRUTH” tattoo | @Aris_art_hell/Twitter & VENEWLIVE

We love to see these physical displays of K-Pop idols’ friendships!

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