These Are The 10 WORST K-Pop Group Names, Based On SEO

Acronyms aren’t always a good idea for a group name!

When it comes to deciding a K-Pop group’s name, not only is it important to think of something that suits the group’s concept and style, but the uniqueness of the name should also be considered. Names that are too similar to very common words can make it difficult to find search results when looking them up, due to how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works. While some artists, such as BTS, have become successful enough on their own to surpass similar acronyms (“behind the scenes”), other groups haven’t been as fortunate.

Here are the 10 K-Pop groups with the worst names, based on how easy they are to find based on SEO.

10. B.O.Y

Acronyms might not seem like a bad idea at first, but oftentimes, punctuation isn’t registered in a search online, turning this group’s name into just “BOY”. This short-lasting duo, which debuted in 2019 and consisted of members Kim Kookheon and Song Yuvin, gets a total of 6.61 billion search results when looked up! The name is also pronounced as “B. Of You”, which would be easier to find.

9. Jewelry

It should be pretty obvious pretty quickly why this group’s name isn’t good when it comes to SEO! In total, looking up the word “jewelry” brings up 6.79 billion search results, the majority of which are actual accessories to wear and not the K-Pop group. The girl group itself debuted all the way back in 2001, and though they went through several line-up changes, they didn’t officially disband until 2015.

8. B.I.G

Another acronym on the list, B.I.G suffers from the same problem as B.O.Y when it comes to being found online. Looking up their name brings up 8.89 billion results, making this 5-member boy group very difficult to find on search engines. They debuted in 2014, and despite this SEO difficulty, they haven’t disbanded yet!

7. H.O.T.

H.O.T. is an old but legendary K-Pop group, debuting in 1996 and consisting of 5 members. Since they debuted before the internet was as mainstream as it is now, they didn’t suffer from their lack of search engine optimization, but these days looking up their name brings up 9.54 billion results!


This should be a pretty easy one to understand. There’s so much in nature that a person could be looking up when searching for the word, and a K-Pop group isn’t what most people will be looking for! Looking up the word brings in a total of 10.73 billion search results, so it’s no wonder the girl group is hard to find.

5. After School

This is one of the few two-word K-Pop group names on this list, but it’s not too difficult to see why it would have so many search results — 11 billion, in fact. Most people looking up “after school” are probably searching for resources for children, such as after school programs and activities — much different than the sadly disbanded girl group!


HOT ISSUE is another two-word group name on this list, and one of the youngest groups on the list as well! Looking up their name brings in a total of 11.27 billion results, and tends to focus on big news and other important or popular headlines making the rounds at any point on the internet. Hopefully, however, it won’t hinder HOT ISSUE’s success, since they just debuted on April 28 this year!

3. f(x)

When a non-K-Pop fan sees these letters together, they usually think of math or special effects, which isn’t surprising. Unfortunately, this legendary girl group has to contend with 11.29 billion search results overall, the majority of which aren’t related to them! Fortunately they still made a pretty big name for themselves when they were actively promoting, but it would be interesting to see if a different name might have made a difference.


Another rookie group on the list, JUST B debuted back on June 30 this year, and it might come as a surprise that their name is ranked so high on this list. Looking up the group name, however, brings in 14.14 billion results! From podcasts to boutiques, looking up “just b” has a wide variety of results, but hopefully the boy group won’t be negatively impacted by this.

1. 100%

And finally, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that 100% is at the top of this list. Looking up their name brings in a whopping 25.27 billion search results, and it’s easy to understand why. Unfortunately this very talented group officially disbanded just a few weeks ago despite having great music, and it makes you wonder if a different, more easily searched name would have led them to more success.

Source: DareDB KPop