The 4 Best K-Pop Groups To Work With, According To A Former Staff Member

The members treated staff well with kind actions and gifts.

Having spent seven years working behind the scenes for various K-Pop groups, YouTuber Joycie shared the extremely friendly ones who were a joy to work with. Here are the four groups she’s had overwhelmingly positive experiences with.

Joycie and BIGBANG’s T.O.P. | @joyciekim/Instagram

1. EXO

To kick off the list, Joycie named SM Entertainment‘s EXO as her “favorite” group to work with. She spent years as their staff and even worked for them exclusively at one point.

EXO | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

She praised the group for being “extremely nice guys” and recalled one of many caring moments that proved it. When Joycie was shivering in a cold room, one of the members quickly noticed and took matters into his own hands. Because “there weren’t any blankets around,” a member grabbed “a big bath towel” to keep Joycie warm.

Even when Joycie became bored during moments backstage, a member noticed and played a game with her to pass the time. She noted that he went as far as “losing on purpose” to be respectful. There was also another side to them besides their tendency to “keep things really fun and entertaining.

I know you guys think I’m probably very biased, but I literally have nothing bad to say about them. They’ve always been so much fun.

— Joycie

Joycie (bottom left) and friend with EXO’s Suho and Sehun. | @joyciekim/Instagram

Joycie recalled how giving they were to the people around them. She shared, “They always showered me with gifts and always tried to keep things fun for me.

| @joyciekim/Instagram


Remembering the fun memories she shared with MONSTA X, Joycie summed them up with a humorous description. Just like the group’s music is one-of-a-kind, so are the members. They had another side to them, though.

Super chill guys. Kinda crazy. A lot of them are very outgoing and extroverted.

— Joycie

MONSTA X | @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

She praised them as “very friendly” and “very caring guys.” Because Joycie went on several tours with MONSTA X, she expressed how welcoming they were. She said, “It almost felt like a family after quite a few tours. It was so easy to work with them.

Joycie and other staff with MONSTA X. | @joyciekim/Instagram

While some groups have heavy restrictions placed upon them, Joycie revealed that wasn’t the case for Starship Entertainment‘s MONSTA X. She said, “They just roam around freely. Do whatever they want.

Because many groups get tired of their members after spending every waking moment with them, Joycie shared that MONSTA X was an exception. They were extremely close off-camera as they were on-camera.

One thing about them: as members, they’re very close to each other. Like, they’ll spend their free time with each other. Which is kind of rare, if you didn’t know.

— Joycie

3. SHINee

As veteran idols, SHINee lived up to their title by being a “very nice group of guys.” Joycie explained, “They’re also extremely nice to everyone they meet!

SHINee | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Joycie revealed that SHINee’s the only group that keeps their backstage area pristine. She said, “They’re the only group I’ve ever seen who keeps their dressing rooms very clean and tidy, which everyone always appreciated!

Remembering their caring personalities, Joycie recalled a moment with Jonghyun that spoke to how warmly he treated others.

Jonghyun ate his entire lunch deliciously even after I spilled salad dressing on his plate… I ran to get him a new plate, but he stopped me and told me it was okay with a warm smile.

— Joycie


4. B.A.P

Although B.A.P has disbanded and gone the route of solo careers, Joycie couldn’t help mentioning them as one of the best groups she’s ever met.

Despite not “being close to them in any way” and only having brief conversations, Joycie admitted she had “a lot of affection for those guys” because they “felt like younger brothers.

She praised them for having approachable personalities and being humble about their chance to debut. Joycie said, “They’re very chill, very down to earth. They don’t have that celebrity attitude.

For a group like them to still be grateful even after all of that… They taught me how to be grateful for even the little things. So they taught me a life lesson I’ll remember forever.

— Joycie

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