11 K-Pop Groups Where Every Member Had A Different Hair Color For A Comeback

All members delivered stunning visuals in different colors!

K-Pop comebacks always bring with them exciting new concepts, and part of the concept is for idols to dye their hair all kinds of vivid colors! Sometimes only one or two members will change their hair colors, but for a lot of them, all members have unique hair colors! Here are 11 K-Pop groups where, for a comeback, every member decided to dye their hair in different colors!

1. Red Velvet

The queen of concepts, the Red Velvet members are no strangers to colorful hair and concepts! From their many comebacks, there have been a few where they all dyed their hair different colors! One such comeback is “Russian Roulette”, where Irene had pink/purple hair, Seulgi had bright orange hair, Wendy had brown hair, Joy had yellow-blonde hair, and maknae Yeri sported fiery red hair!

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There was also “Red Flavor”, where the colors were bright to match the mood! Irene had black hair, Seulgi had brown, Wendy had a brown-blonde ombré, Joy had her iconic red hair, and Yeri was blonde!

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MAMAMOO have delivered quality comeback after quality comeback everytime, and their visuals with different colored hair have been a huge part of them! Particularly, their comeback with “Yes I Am” had all the members with different hair colors—Solar was pink-haired, Moonbyul had blue hair, Wheein had brown hair, and Hwasa sported black hair!

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Another comeback of theirs where they each had different hair colors was “HIP”, where Solar dyed her hair blonde, Moonbyul had a gorgoeus shade of purple, Wheein went viral for her stunning blue hair, and Hwasa played it safe with black hair!

| RBW Entertainment


Back in 2013, VIXX was making waves with their fantasy-like concepts, and one such comeback was “On And On”! N had grey hair, Leo had a reddish-pink color, Ken kept it natural and dark with brown hair, Ravi had an orange dye job, Hongbin had reddish-brown hair, and Hyuk had purple hair!

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EXO-CBX is the first official subunit of the group, and made their explosive debut in 2016 with “Hey Mama!” For their unit debut, Chen had black hair, Xiumin had green, and Baekhyun had red hair!

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5. SHINee

In 2015, SHINee made their comeback with “View” and the album Odd, and along with a quality song, thye also delievred quality visuals! Onew had reddish-pink hair, Jonghyun sported blonde hair, Minho had light brown hair, Key displayed a multi-color, rainbow finish on dark hair and Taemin looked amazing in purple!

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6. Girl’s Day

For Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell” promotions, all the members were done up in gorgeous hair colors! Sojin was blonde, Yura had red hair, Minah had an orange-pink dye job and Hyeri had black hair in the MV, and then switched to brown for their promotions!

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7. f(x)

f(x) had some incredible hair colors back in the day, and they slayed every single one of them! During their “Rum Pum Pum Pum” comeback, Victoria had brown hair, Amber was blonde, Luna had black hair, Krystal had red locks, and Sulli had reddish-brown hair!

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And again, during their “Red Light” promotions, Victoria had black hair, Amber and Krystal switched hair colors and had red and blonde hair respectively, Luna had dark blue hair and Sulli had brown hair!

8. 2NE1

2NE1 was known for their funky, girl-crush concepts, and for their “Can’t Nobody” comeback, Park Bom had red hair, Sandara Park had brown hair, CL was a blonde and Minzy had black hair!

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In BLACKPINK, the only members known to often change up their hair colors is Rosé and Lisa, but for their “As If It’s Your Last” comeback, all members had different hair colors! Jennie had light brown hair with blonde highlights, Jisoo had gorgeous purple hair, Rosé had dark brown hair and Lisa had bright orange hair!

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10. EXID

During EXID’s “Hot Pink” era, the girls all served different hair colors that complimented their visuals! Solji had orange hair, Hyelin had a dark brown bob, LE sported light brown hair, Hani had green hair while maknae Junghwa had a pinkish tone to hers!

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For SISTAR’s last comeback before their disbandment in 2017 with “Lonely”, each member elevated their visuals to another level with fun hair colors! Hyolyn was blonde, Bora had dark brown hair with blue highlights, Soyou had red hair and Dasom sported light brown hair!

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