These Are The Fandom Names And Meanings Of 30+ Fourth Generation K-Pop Groups

Which fandoms are you a part of?

Coming up with a unique, creative, and sensical fandom name for a K-Pop artist can be difficult, but also incredibly exciting! In the past, it often used to take quite a while for some artists to have an official fandom name, but these days, it usually happens fairly quickly. Here are the fandom names and meanings for over 30 different fourth-generation K-Pop groups that you may or may not be familiar with!

1. AB6IX

AB6IX’s fandom name is ABNEW. The meaning behind the name is “A sixth member that will become one with AB6IX and walk a new path with them together”. Of course, the group has just 4 members now, so this has likely switched to mean the fifth member!

2. Aespa

Aespa’s fandom name is MY. The meaning behind the word “the most precious friend” in KWANGYA, which is where aespa’s avatar æs live.


ATEEZ’s fandom name is ATINY. The word is a combination of “ATEEZ” and “destiny”, and signifies that ATEEZ’s future is together with their fans.

4. BlackSwan

BlackSwan’s fandom name is LUMINA. It’s a combination of “luminous” (which means that they will shine) and the suffix -a (which means “the best”). They hope that LUMINA will help BlackSwan shine.

5. CIX

CIX’s fandom name is FIX. While “CIX” stands for “Complete in X”, “FIX” stands for “Faith in X” in English, or “Faith In Complete In X” in Korean.


CRAVITY’s fandom name is LUVITY. It’s simply a combination of “luv” and the group’s name, to describe people who love CRAVITY.

7. DKB

DKB’s fandom name is BB. It comes from “DKB’s Bestie” and has the meaning of precious close friends who will always be beside them during their journey.


E’LAST’s fandom name is ELRING. The “EL” is from the group’s name and “RING” is a reference to how fans only ring and respond to E’LAST. It also means that E’LAST and fans are always connected together.


ENHYPEN’s fandom name is ENGENE. It has two meanings: One is that their fans are the “engines” that lets them grow and keep on going, and the other is that the fans are the ENHYPEN’s “gene” as they both share the same DNA to connect, discover, and grow together.


EVERGLOW’s fandom name is Forever. The name means “for EVERGLOW”, and also that the members hope to be with their fans forever.

11. (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE’s fandom name is Neverland. The name was described as, “Neverland is an imaginary space by Peter Pan. People who live in Neverland never change and remain as a child forever. As an artist who lives together with the fans, (G)I-DLE will live in Neverland too forever”.

12. GHOST9

GHOST9’s fandom name is Ghostie.  The word is, of course, similar to the group’s name, and also stands for “Go High! On your Side Till the End”.

13. GWSN

GWSN’s fandom name is GROO. “Groo” means “stump” in Korean, and since many people find trees relaxing to be under, the name is meant to express that, “like trees, GROO means people who always support and stay with GWSN”.

14. ITZY

ITZY’s fandom name is Midzy. It’s a play on both the group’s name and the Korean word “mid-eo” (믿어) which has the meaning of trust/to believe in someone, and together it means that the fans can trust in ITZY, and vice versa.

15. IZ*ONE

IZ*ONE’s fandom name is WIZ*ONE. “Wiz” is short for wizard united, and it’s combined with the group name. It was explained that, “the name means that our fans who love us are creating a magical future together with us”.


KINGDOM’s fandom name is KINGMAKER. There doesn’t seem to be a confirmed meaning to the name, but it seems that fans can help to make kings of the members!


LIGHTSUM’s fandom name is Sumit. This fandom name was described as, “LIGHTSUM and their fans become one through the medium (it) of LIGHTSUM (sum)”.


LUNARSOLAR’s fandom name is HAEDAL. Like other fandoms, it has two meanings: First, it represents the sun and moon of LUNARSOLAR (“hae” means sun and “dal” means moon), and second, just like sea otters who hold hands not to be swept away in the water, LUNARSOLAR and their fans will tightly hold hands and rely on each other (because together, “haedal” translates to sea otter!).

19. MCND

MCND’s fandom name is GEM. This name is meant to describe fans as precious gems that will shine together with MCND.


ONEUS’s fandom name is To Moon. It’s meant to describe the group’s fans as the “moon” who always orbit ONEUS, who represents the “Earth”.

21. OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf’s fandom name is lyOn. It’s a play on words that references both the name of the group and the English word “lion.” The group has explained that the meaning of “lyOn” was that their fans would “always support and protect us like a lyOn”.

22. Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch’s fandom name is Ketchy. The word “Ketchy” (켓치) comes from the second and fourth syllables in Rocket Punch’s Korean name (로켓펀치) and means “attractive” or “charming”.

23. Secret Number

Secret Number’s fandom name is LOCKEY. The name was explained as “people who become KEYs that open the locked appeal of Secret Number”.


STAYC’s fandom name is SWITH. The members have explained that it’s a combination of the first letter of STAYC and “WITH,” meaning “Together with STAYC” or “I’ll be by STAYC’s side.” Also, the pronunciation in Korean (스윗) sounds like “sweet,” the group mentioned that it means that as well.

25. Stray Kids

Stray Kids’ fandom name is STAY. “STAY” is, of course, “Stray” without the “r”, and the “r” not in “STAY” stands for reason, meaning that their fans are their reason and where they stay.


THE BOYZ’s fandom name is THE B. It’s an abbreviation of “THE BOYZ’s vitamin”, since the first syllable of the word “vitamin” in Korean is spelt in a way that sounds like the English letter “B”. Part of the meaning is that fans will be like vitamins for the members, and “B” was used instead of “V” to show that fans are one with THE BOYZ and to include the meaning that they are “The Best” fans.


TREASURE’s fandom name is Treasure Maker (Teume). The meaning is that fans make TREASURE who they are, and “Teume” is simply a shortened version.

28. TXT

TXT’s fandom name is MOA. It stands for “Moments Of Alwaysness”, meaning that “TXT and their fans gather together one fragment of our dream to complete a dream, one dream”.

29. Weeekly

Weeekly’s fandom name is Daileee. It is, of course, a play on the group’s name, and it also means “without Daileee (Daily), Weeekly cannot exist”.

30. WEi

WEi’s fandom name is RUi. It has a couple of different meanings: First, it’s described that “RU” is the 16th of 28 constellations, while the “WE” in WEi is the 17th. Just like “RU” illuminates the place that “WE” will rise to, RUi will shine on and guide WEi. Secondly, the name also stands for “R U I?” (“Are you I?”), which means that WEi and RUi are asking the question to confirm that they are each other’s destiny, or a mirror.

31. Woo!ah!

Woo!ah!’s fandom name is WOW. The name’s meaning refers to the exciting moments WOWs will spend with woo!ah!.