Times You May Have Forgotten Your Favorite K-Pop Group Was On Nickelodeon

These K-Pop groups are “All That!”

We all grew up watching Nickelodeon. You might remember some of your favorite shows being Kenan & Kel, Drake and Josh, or iCarly. What you might not remember is that some of your favorite K-Pop groups were on Nickelodeon too. Allow me to refresh your memory.

1. SuperM

SuperM is the first K-Pop group to have appeared on the All That reboot series for Nick. The boys not only performed their hit song “Jopping” but also appeared in a short comedy sketch with the cast too.


While the show might be “All That,” MONSTA X was “ALL ABOUT LUV” when they appeared on the show as promotion for their English-language album. The group performed their song, “MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT” live for the audience.

3. Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls is one of the first K-Pop groups that broke out into America, even touring with American pop artists like The Jonas Brothers. The girl group starred in their own movie titled The Wonder Girls for TeenNick with JYP himself and the American girl group the School Gyrls. The two girl groups collaborated for the song “The DJ Is Mine” which was released as a promotional single for the film. 


Source: Nickelodeon