Here Are The “Official” Emojis Of 3 MORE K-Pop Groups You Should Know

Do you know who has a 🍑 for theirs?

Recently, we made a list of the emojis for the members of three different K-Pop groups — BTSEXO, and SEVENTEEN — that fans consider their “official” emojis. Now, here are the “official” emojis for three different K-Pop boy groups for you to learn! Some of these are more well-known than others, and some are even recognized by the members or their labels themselves. How many do you already know?


1. Hongjoong: 🐯

Not only is Hongjoong fierce like a tiger on stage, but it’s his Chinese zodiac as well!

2. Seonghwa: 🐰

Seonghwa’s personality is soft and sweet like a bunny, he has posed cutely with many bunny plushies, and fans sometimes call him “Bunny Seonghwa”!

3. Yunho: 🐻

Yunho is just like a giant teddy bear, so the bear emoji is suitable for him!

4. Yeosang: 🍓

We were unable to find an exact reason for this one, but it’s possibly due to the cute strawberry-colored birthmark he has on his temple!

5. San: ⛰️

San’s name translates to “mountain”, which is why he has this emoji!

6. Mingi: 🦁

Fans think that Mingi resembles a baby lion, so this is his emoji!

7. Wooyoung: 🐺

Even before his iconic performance of EXO‘s “Wolf” on Kingdom: Legendary War, fans thought that Wooyoung resembled one!

8. Jongho: 🍎

Jongho is famous for his ability to split apples in half with his bare hands, among other things, so he gets the apple emoji!

2. NCT

1. Taeil: 🌕

Taeil’s surname is “Moon”, so he was assigned the full moon emoji!

2. Johnny: 🐱

Johnny’s emoji is a cat, because during a live broadcast once, he told fans that he resembles one.

3. Taeyong: 🌹

Taeyong has a rose-shaped scar next to his eye, which is why he had this emoji chosen!

4. Yuta: 🐙

Yuta’s nickname is “Takoyaki Prince”, and since takoyaki is a Japanese snack made from battered octopus, he has the octopus emoji!

5. Kun: 🐻

Fans think that Kun suits his emoji, a cute and cuddly teddy bear!

6. Doyoung: 🐰

Doyoung’s nickname has long been “bunny”, which is why he was given this emoji!

7. Ten: 🐱

Ten also has a cat emoji, because even though he has said he’s a dog person, fans think he has cat-like charms.

8. Jaehyun: 🍑

Don’t get the wrong idea about this one — fans think a peach suits Jaehyun because of his peachy-soft complexion!

9. WinWin: 🐥

Fans think WinWin is small, gentle, and fluffy, just like a chick!

10. Jungwoo: 🐶

Jungwoo loves the character Snoopy, who is a dog, so it became his nickname, and his emoji!

11. Lucas: 🦁

Lucas has a lion tattoo, so the lion emoji suits him!

12. Mark: 🐆

Fans have said that Mark has the charms of a baby cheetah, so he gets the cheetah emoji!

13. Xiaojun: 🦕

His fellow members gave him the nickname “Dinosaur”, so it makes sense that he would have the emoji as well.

14. Hendery: 🐴

Ten affectionately refers to Hendery as “Donkey”, so the horse emoji is as close as it gets to that!

15. Renjun: 🦊

Not only do fans think Renjun looks like a fox, but that he has the sharp and cunning mind of one too!

16. Jeno: 🐶

Jeno also has a dog emoji, because fans think he seems like a combination of two dog breeds: a Samoyed and a Doberman!

17. Haechan: 🐻

Not only do fans think Haechan seems warm and cuddly like a bear, but he has a collection of bear keychains as well.

18. Jaemin: 🐰

Jaemin enjoys making voiceover videos using Snowball the rabbit from the movie The Secret Life of Pets, so he was also given the rabbit emoji!

19. YangYang: 🐑

“Yang” is both the Korean and Chinese word for “sheep”, so with his stage name, the sheep emoji is perfect!

20. Shotaro: 🦦

Fans think that Shotaro resembles a baby sea otter, so the otter emoji definitely suits him.

21. Sungchan: 🦌

Sungchan’s fans call themselves “Bambi”, so Sungchan himself was assigned the deer emoji.

22. Chenle: 🐬

Fans think that Chenle’s laugh resembles that of a dolphin, so this emoji is accurate for him!

23. Jisung: 🐹

Fans think that Jisung’s cheeks look similar to that of a hamster’s, so he gets the hamster emoji.

3. TXT

1. Yeonjun: 🦊

Yeonjun’s visuals remind fans of a fox, so his representative emoji is just that. Fans also think he is similar to a red panda as well, but there isn’t a red panda emoji, so this is close enough!

2. Soobin: 🐰

Fans and staff reportedly think that Soobin’s personality resembles that of a bunny, hence the rabbit emoji!

3. Beomgyu: 🐯/🐻

Like other TXT members and their emojis, fans think that Beomgyu’s visuals are similar to that of a baby bear! He also gets the tiger because “beom” translates to the animal in Korean.

4. Taehyun: 🐿️

Taehyun is said to resemble a squirrel and also once dressed up as a flying squirrel, so this seems like an accurate emoji!

5. Huening Kai: 🐧

Huening Kai loves penguins, has dressed up as a penguin, and has also made penguin noises, so the penguin emoji is definitely for him.