20 K-Pop Groups That Were Originally Called Something Completely Different

They were going to be called what?

BTS, BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, and EXO are all incredibly iconic names. But did you know that all of these groups might not have been known by these titles? These groups and many others went through a few different name changes before settling on the names we know and love today.


1. BTS

We all know that BTS originally stood for “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” but did you know that the group might have been called  “Young Nation” or even “Big Kids” instead? We’re glad they went for BTS because whether it’s the old “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” version or the newer “Beyond The Scene” it just feels like the right name for them!


2. EXO

Every EXO-L knows that EXO comes from “exoplanet” but may not realize that the group almost debuted under the name “Boy’s Paradise!” But if they would have done that, then would that mean that the members wouldn’t have the same concept as they do now? We just can’t imagine them any other way!



Thankfully, Starship Entertainment realized that their original thoughts on the girls’ name would be too hard to pronounce because SISTAR could have been “Diridiri Daradara Duruduru Bop.” Although, fans have always gotten a kick out of the name!



MAMAMOO could have ended up being called “Wah Wah Girls” and every fan is thankful they didn’t. While it isn’t a terrible name, it’s a little bit strange and MAMAMOO just seems to fit them a lot better!



BIGBANG could have been known as “Diamond” and while it would certainly make a good group name, it just doesn’t have that certain something that BIGBANG does!



It’s hard to imagine TVXQ under any other name but they too went through a series of other names before finally landing on this gem. They could have been known as anything from “SM5” to “The Five Visceras.”


7. Oh My Girl

Before Oh My Girl debuted, the members were considering a number of different names including “Puzzle” and “Nameless Girls.” Later they fell in love with “My Girl” and ended up changing it to its final form right before debut. We can’t imagine the group with any other name to be honest!


8. Lovelyz

Lovelyz‘ pre-debut name wasn’t what we know today but could have been equally as lovely! Back then, the group was known as “Radiance” and since the girls are very radiant so it’s easy to see where the name came from!



GFRIEND not being called GFRIEND just seems so wrong but the group tried out “World Peace,” “Guardian Angel,” and “Hug Hug” before finally settling on their name. While each of the other contenders sounds equally as lovely, it’s just so hard to imagine the group with any other name!



Pre-debut BLACKPINK was often referred to as “Pink Punk” and it could have been their name. Although not too far off their final title, there’s a certain something about the name BLACKPINK that has made many fans glad that’s the name they ended up going with!


11. f(x)

Although not terrible, no fan can imagine f(x) with the name “Meow,” “Flower,” or “Bomb” and we can’t really blame them. f(x) just fits them so well!


12. VIXX

Since VIXX is signed under Jellyfish Entertainment, it might not be too surprising that the boy group almost debuted under an oceany name of their own! During an interview, N once revealed that they could have been called “Bluefish!”


13. Wonder Girls

The ever iconic Wonder Girls might have been known as “LC (Ladies Club)” if no one had suggested their wonderful name!



Woollim Entertainment might have debuted this boy group under the name “Blackberry,” “Supersonic,” or even “The Big Dipper.” Luckily for the members who weren’t keen on any of those titles, their CEO decided on INFINITE before their debut.



Starship Entertainment actually played around with the final name for MONSTA X for a while and were seriously considering calling the group “High Top” but decided against it. Now we have the one and only MONSTA X!


16. CLC

Do you know the “Go Go Girls” or “Jewelry Shop?” No? Are you sure? Because those were the original names for CLC!


17. BTOB

Although the group eventually debuted under the name BTOB, it wasn’t their name from the very beginning. They tried out a series of other names from “Asian King” to “Sonic” before settling on the name we all know and love today!


18. 9MUSES

9MUSES could have been known as “Daughters of the Empire” or even “Poppy!” And while both of those names would have been great, everyone agrees that 9MUSES was an excellent choice!


19. Girls’ Generation

As crazy as it may seem now, the nation’s girl group was originally devised as a counterpart to Super Junior. Because of this, the group used to simply be called “Girl Group” or “Super Girls.”


20. SHINee

It’s hard to imagine SHINee with any other name but Key once revealed that the group was almost called “The Kiddies!” We’re all glad they went with SHINee because it fits them a lot better than the other possible name!