These 8 K-Pop Groups Have The Most Former Members

Some of them have over 15 former members!

Oftentimes, K-Pop groups will go through member line-up changes at some point in their careers. Whether it’s just a member leaving the group or being replaced by others, it’s certainly not an uncommon thing. However, the following 8 K-Pop groups have had the most former members, making it seem like they could be considered entirely new groups now!

8. Kiwi Band: 10 past members

This group, active between 2014 and 2018, only had 2 members left at the time they disbanded. Not much is known about the group since they didn’t release a lot of music, but they did end up with 10 former members that all left at various times in the group’s career.

7. HINT: 10 past members

The group was formerly known as TURAN, who originally debuted with 7 members. However, within just a few months, only two of the original members stayed while 5 left and were replaced with 4 others. Over the next couple of years, the line-up changed a number of times until they got to where they are now with their current 5 members (Hyejin, Ar Ra, Cherry, Haesol, and Nael) and under the new name HINT. In total, they have 10 former members.

6. Underdog: 11 past members

This boy group lasted between 2013 and 2017, and lost a lot of members along the way. They were down to 4 by the time they disbanded, all of whom had only joined in 2016, and 3 of them — Kain, Baekjin, and Iro — are now in Hi5, though it’s unclear if they’re preparing to debut or not. In total, 11 members left by the time the group disbanded!

5. XING: 13 past members

This old K-Pop group debuted in 2006 and disbanded in 2009. Over those three years, they managed to lose a total of 13 members! Fortunately, many of them went on to join new groups, including Kevin (formerly of U-KISS), Kibum (formerly of U-KISS), Junhyung (formerly of BEAST/HIGHLIGHT), and many who formed a group called The Boss.

4. Pure/Pure Boy/Pure L/Naughty Boys/NTB: 14 past members

Not only did this boy group go through a lot of member changes, but a lot of name changes as well! Now known as NTB, they currently have 6 members after going through line-up changes that ended with 14 former members. They were introduced originally in 2011 as PUREBOY with 11 members, but this changed even before their first release and continued to change over the years until now.

3. LPG: 17 past members

LPG was a girl group that debuted in 2005 with 4 members, and they were unique in that they had several pageant participants in the group. They went through three different “generations” of members, with the 1st generation between 2005 and 2009 (though 2 left before 2009), then 6 new members as the 2nd generation joining at different points between 2009 and 2012, and finally the 3rd generation of 10 members that all joined around 2013 but with only 3 left by the time they disbanded.

LPG Member Timeline/Wikipedia

2. APeace: 17 past members

This boy group originally debuted in 2010 as a 21 member group! They were called Double B 21 at this time, but re-debuted as APeace in 2011. As of now, they have 10 active members, with 13 of the original gone, 1 of the original members inactive, 2 members that joined later and left at some point, and 1 later member that’s now inactive — a total of 17.

APeace Member Timeline/Wikipedia

1. Leader’S: 36 past members

And finally, Leader’S takes the top spot for most former members. They originally debuted with 8 members in early 2011, but in October of the same year, their company TGN Entertainment announced that they had been reorganized as a 24-member group, broken into 3 sub-units. By the time they disbanded in 2015, they only had 5 members left, and they had had so many members join and leave that they ended up with an incredible 36 former members!