The 16 Least To Best-Selling Albums By K-Pop Groups That Debuted In The First Half Of 2021

Three have reached 30,000 sales!

The first half of 2021 has already seen many different K-Pop group debuts, from those formed by well-known companies to others that don’t have a big label behind them. These new groups have all had varying levels of success, especially in terms of album sales! Here are the 16 least to best-selling K-Pop albums from groups that debuted in the first half of the year.

16. Bravery by PIXY

Released on May 20 with the title song “Let Me Know”, Bravery has sold 507 copies.

15. Full of Lovescapes by NTX

Released on March 30 with the title song “Kiss The World”, Full of Lovescapes has sold 1.0k copies.

14. Issue Maker by HOT ISSUE

Released on April 28 with the title song “GRATATA”, Issue Maker has sold 2.5k copies.

13. TRI.BE Da Loca by TRI.BE

Released on February 17 with the title song “Doom Doom Ta”, TRI.BE Da Loca has sold 4.7k copies.

12. Conmigo by TRI.BE

Released on May 18 with the title song “Rub-A-Dum”, Conmigo has sold 5.0k copies.

11. History of Kingdom : PartⅠ. Arthur by KINGDOM

Released on February 18 with the title song “Excalibur”, History of Kingdom : PartⅠ. Arthur has sold 6.7k copies.

10. Check-In by BLITZERS

Released on May 12 with the title song “Breathe Again”, Check-In has sold 10.7k copies.

9. Vamos by OMEGA X

Released on June 30 with the title song “Vamos”, Vamos has sold 11.5k copies.

8. Just Burn by JUST B

Released on June 30 with the title song “Damage”, Just Burn has sold 11.6k copies.

7. I Like You by Ciipher

Released on March 16 with the title song “I Like You”, I Like You has sold 16.7k copies.

6. Before Sunrise Part. 1 by T1419

Released on January 11 with the title song “Asurabalbalta”, Before Sunrise Part. 1 has sold 19.1k copies.

5. Before Sunrise Part. 2 by T1419

Released on March 31 with the title song “Exit”, Before Sunrise Part. 2 has sold 26.5k copies.

4. Vanilla by LIGHTSUM

Released on June 10 with the title song “Vanilla”, Vanilla has sold 27.0k copies.

3. Into Violet by PURPLE KISS

Released on March 15 with the title song “Ponzona”, Into Violet has sold 30.0k copies.


Released on March 17 with the title song “KILLA”, KILLA has sold 30.2k copies.

1. Bipolar Pt.1: Prelude of Anxiety by EPEX

Released on June 8 with the title song “Lock Down”, Bipolar Pt.1: Prelude of Anxiety has sold 42.3k copies.

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