16 Hilarious K-Pop Memes That Ended Up Going Mainstream

How many do you know?

There are tons of memes taken from the K-Pop industry that fans of the music genre know and love. Some of them, however, are so iconic that they even went mainstream outside of the K-Pop fandom to the general public! Recently on Reddit, people were asked to share such memes that went viral, and these are 16 of the most well-known.

1. The iconic time that SHINee’s Key dressed as the McDonald’s mascot.

2. When BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s legs were seen pretty much everywhere.

3. When Jessica Jung was centered around a meme that we can all relate to.

4. When SHINee’s Taemin looked absolutely terrified.

5. The time that MONSTA X’s Hyungwon looked done with everything.

6. When Nayeon and Momo showed just how different they are.

7. When Orange Caramel started a new K-Pop trend.

8. When Red Velvet’s Yeri made a very relatable gif.

9. When IU came incredibly close to losing a heel.

10. When WINNER’s Jinu seemed to accept his fate.

11. The meme that former B.A.P’s Daehyun was perfectly suited for.

12. When Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany was the perfect mimic of an already popular meme.

13. And when Tiffany was proved to be a meme since her school years.

14. When Cosmic Girls’ Dawon was oblivious to what was behind her.

15. When BTS’s V unintentionally did the perfect cosplay.

16. And finally, when SEVENTEEN’s Woozi threatened Mingyu with a guitar pre-debut!

Source: Reddit