9 Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunctions That Had K-Pop Fans Cracking Up

Spoiler: It’s mostly pants ripping from dancing too hard.

While K-Pop stylists work hard in order to make sure their idols are dressed in nice outfits that fit well for them to perform in, sometimes things are just a little too tight in certain places and malfunctions happen! Other times there are just technical issues on-stage that cause these sorts of incidents, but thankfully, the idols are usually able to laugh it off in the end. Here are 9 times that this unfortunate but entertaining incident happened with K-Pop idols!

1. The one time (of many) that SHINee’s Taemin ripped his pants mid-performance but kept it professional.

He continued to sing even when he was getting his clothing fixed backstage!

2. This moment when EXO’s Kai subtly fixed his pants after they had become unbuttoned during his dancing.

It would be easy to miss if you weren’t paying attention!

3. When Super Junior’s Eunhyuk danced too hard and ripped his pants.

The other members couldn’t help but burst into laughter!

4. When GOT7’s Jinyoung managed to just tear open Mark’s jeans with his bare hands.

Mark had no idea what was happening for a while, either!

5. When NCT’s Haechan managed to rip his pants with a little bit of stretching.

Though we can’t see it ourselves, the look on the other members’ faces is enough to have us cackling!

6. TVXQ’s Yunho had a major malfunction from how intensely he was dancing, but he finished his performance flawlessly!

This could have easily ended poorly, but he persevered!

7. The time that iKON’s Ju-ne got just a little too exited about filming a music video and destroyed his pants.

What his fellow members did to try to hide it was hilarious.

8. When SHINee’s Key dropped so hard he split his pants… But then kept on going.

Nothing was going to stop this king from performing “Black Mamba”!

9. And of course, we can never forget about when EXO’s curtain fell and exposed them while they were changing shirts on stage.

From the paper ripping to some members running off-stage to others trying to distract from the situation, this will always be an iconic and hilarious performance.

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