13 Of The Most Iconic And Controversial K-Pop Outfits From 2019

Which one was your favorite?

K-Pop is known for breaking the mold when it comes to fashion.  Sometimes idols wow us with their unique, bold new looks and trendy styles, and other times we’re left scratching our heads in confusion.

2019 was a year of all kinds of new styles and trends.  Here’s a look back at the 13 most interesting, unique, and sometimes controversial outfit choices from last year.

13. Hwasa’s plastic outfit for “Twit”

12. GOT7’s unique suits for “You Calling My Name”

11. N. Flying’s Winnie the Pooh inspired costumes for “Good Bam”

10. EXID’s dazzling jackets from “Me & You”

9. BLACKPINK’s killer outfits from their Coachella performance of “Kill This Love”

8. The concept of the outfits for MONSTA X’s “Alligator”

7. The fun different “flavored” outfits for fromis_9’s “FUN!”

6. Any and all of Taemin’s iconic looks for the “Want” era

5. Red Velvet’s sexy concept for their “La Rouge” concert

4. The animal-inspired outfits for G-IDLE’s Queendom final performance of “Lion”

3. EXO’s outfit concept for “Obsession”

2. TWICE’s pastel outfits for “Feel Special”, especially Queen Elsa Dahyun

1. MAMAMOO’s iconic campy outfits for “Hip” 2019 MAMA performance