The 15 Most Iconic K-Pop Fans That Have Gone Viral For Hilarious Reasons

They’ll go down in K-Pop history 😂

Some K-Pop fans will do anything to get the attention of their bias, from screaming during the silence at a concert or fanmeet or making viral videos, to name a few. There are some fans who are pretty well-known in the industry because of such antics, and when it’s harmless behavior, it can be hilarious! Here are 15 fans that will go down in history for going viral over K-Pop artists in the funniest ways.

1. The “I’m Sick of This Song But I’m Still Going to Scream it at the Top of My Lungs” Fangirl Of EXO

When you’ve heard a K-Pop song so many times that you’re sick of it, but you’re too loyal of a fan to not sing along 😂

2. The GOT7 Fanboy(?) Rapper

Apparently the guy behind this rap was the boyfriend of a GOT7 fangirl, so this was his message to her and them!

3. The NCT Apple Lightstick Fan

This is certainly one way to get a K-Pop idol’s attention, considering the look on Doyoung‘s face!

4. The Egg-Throwing T-ara Fanboy

We don’t condone this kind of behavior… But it definitely got this guy recognized.

5. The Pterodactyl Fangirl Of Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation)

This fangirl has probably the most iconic and recognizable scream of any Girls’ Generation fan!

6. The “Psycho” Crack Audio Red Velvet Fangirl

We love it when people can laugh at themselves over something like this 😂

7. The “Yah Baekhyun” Fangirl

Yelling during quiet moments of fan meetings seems to be the most common way to get attention!

8. The Water-Throwing SEVENTEEN Fan

This fan wasn’t taking Seungkwan’s water-throwing lightly, even if it was an accident 😂

9. The Screaming 2PM Fangirl

If you’ve been in the K-Pop fandom for a long time, then you’ve likely heard of this girl before!

10. The Armpit-Love Fan of Beomgyu (TXT)

This definitely has to be one of the weirdest ways that a fan has shared their love of their bias to them.

11. The Screaming Fangirl of J-Hope (BTS)

Here’s another example of taking advantage of a quiet moment during a fan meeting!

12. The “Scolding” IU Fangirl

We’re not sure how this fan was louder than IU on her mic, but she definitely got IU’s attention 😂

13. The Moaning Fangirl of Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

MAMAMOO’s fans are definitely something else, and Moonbyul seems to know it based on her reaction!

14. The “Min Yoongi I’ll Sue You” Fangirl

This girl is another icon in the K-Pop fandom, and even Suga can’t forget about her “complaints”!

15. The “Alcohol-Free” Fangirl Of Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)

Finally, this lucky fangirl got to get a video call twice with Seungkwan… And used both opportunities to make him laugh.

Source: Reddit