12 Times Idols Helped And Saved Other Idols From Danger

These moments of idols protecting each other will make your heart all warm inside.

Idols are often seen doing heartwarming acts of kindness towards each other and it makes fans heart all warm inside! Here are a few times when idols protected each other and saved them from danger!


1. TWICE’s Nayeon saves Momo

Nayeon ran up to Momo just in time to save her from falling off the stage during the rehearsal of TWICE’s “TT” performance. Momo expresses her gratitude by giving her a big back hug.

Nayeon makes sure that Momo doesn’t fall during the actual performance by grabbing her arm at the part she fell during the rehearsal.


2. AKMU’s Suhyun and Red Velvet’s Wendy protect Yeri

When Yeri starts to get emotional, Suhyun puts her arm around her and pats her back to make her feel better. Wendy lets her cry on her shoulders and when Yeri can’t seem to get her emotions in control, Wendy goes ahead and covers her so that she can have some time privately. Nayeon later comes over to give her a big hug as well.


3. EXO’s Kai and Chanyeol protect Suho

When Kai spots a bug on Suho, he tries his best to get rid of it despite his apparent fear of them. Chanyeol comes to the rescue and swats it away in one shot.


4. TWICE’s Jeongyeon protects Tzuyu

When Tzuyu is having some difficulty due to her flying skirt, Jeongyeon continues to hold it down for her as they show the audience the point choreography of their song “Signal”. She continues to look extremely worried for Tzuyu and protects her until the end.


5. BTS’s Jimin saves Jungkook

Jimin saves Jungkook from nearly falling off the stage on a scooter.


6. GOT7’s Jinyoung protects Mark

Jinyoung runs over to Mark to cover up his ripped pants when they are accidently riped during a wrestling match with Jackson.



7. Bora protects Soyou

Soyou nearly falls multiple times throughout their performance due to the slippery floor. After their performance, Bora does her best to keep Soyou from toppling over.


8. EXID’s Hani protects AOA’s Seolhyun

Hani runs over to Seolhyun when slips to make sure she is okay. She looks extremely concerned and stays right next to her until she knows everything is alright.


9. BTOB’s Changsub protects Red Velvet

Changsub warns the Red Velvet members in advance that there will be fireworks in front of them.

Although they were still frightened by the loud noise, they were prepared thanks to Changsub’s kind warning!


10. Super Junior’s Heechul protects Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Heechul places his jacket on top of Taeyeon’s head as he walks by to shield her from the rain.


11. GFRIEND’s SinB protects Umji

When Umji seems to be lagging behind due to the large crowd, SinB takes her arm and keeps her safe right next to her until they pass through.


12. Baek Ji Young and NRG protect EXID and Sunmi

When Baek Ji Young sees her juniors shivering in the cold, she gets the NRG members to offer their jumpers. NRG does not hesitate to take off their jumpers to protect the idols from the cold.

Thanks to the generosity of their seniors, EXID members and Sunmi are protected from the cold!