Here’s What Jobs 14 K-Pop Idols Would Have If They Hadn’t Debuted

Can you imagine them working regular jobs?

Jungyeon working in a bakery? D.O. owning his own farm?  It can be hard to picture K-Pop idols as anything but what they are now, but there have been plenty of instances where celebrities have said what they would have liked to do for work if they hadn’t been able to debut as idols!

Here is a list of 14 idols that have spoken up about their interests outside of music and what they would have wanted to pursue if the entertainment industry hadn’t worked out for them.

1. EXO’s Baekhyun: Professional Gamer

Baekhyun once stated that he was scouted by the Korean PUBG team, but had to decline due to his idol status.

2. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua: Oriental Medicine

Joshua said he would like to either be a businessman, or follow after his mother’s footsteps working in oriental medicine!

3. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul: Police Officer

Moonbyul would probably have even more girl crushes if she had ended up in this fierce and admirable line of work!

4. BTS’s V: Farmer

V seemed serious about this when the group was asked what careers they would like to have, and said he’d be specifically a strawberry farmer.

5. TWICE’s Jungyeon: Baker

Jungyeon has worked in a bakery in the past, and loved it so much that she would like to go back!

6. ATEEZ’s Wooyoung: Chef

Wooyoung loves to cook, and said that he would like to do it professionally if he wasn’t an idol.

7. SHINee’s Minho: Football Player

Since Minho is so athletic, a career as a professional football player would have worked out well for him!

8. SF9’s Taeyang: Florist

Taeyang loves flowers, especially the lisianthus breed, so this adorable occupation would be perfect for him.

9. BTS’s RM: Businessman

He didn’t specify what kind of business he would like to work in, but he certainly would do well in any field given his intelligence!

10. TWICE’s Sana: Kindergarten Teacher

It’s no surprise that the sweet, soft-hearted Sana’s dream job if she hadn’t been an idol would have been a teacher.

11. EXO’s D.O.: Farmer

Like V, he once stated that he would like to be a farmer if he wasn’t an idol, and the quiet, peaceful life sounds like a good fit for him!

12. BTS’s Suga: Composer

This should’t surprise anyone – any fan of Suga’s knows that he loves producing and composing music just as much as he likes performing it!

13. ATEEZ’s San: Barista

In an interview he once stated that he would like to work as a barista, which seems like a great job for his outgoing, generous personality.

14. BTS’s J-Hope: Tennis Player

J-Hope would put all of his bright, excitable energy to use as a tennis player!