Here Are The Meanings Behind 7 Unusual Female K-Pop Idol Stage Names

#5 has double meanings.

Many female K-Pop idols go by their real names in one way or another. However, there are a number of them that have unusual stage names that might seem kind of random or confusing! However, there’s pretty much always a good meaning behind a stage name, and these 7 female idols aren’t any exceptions. Check them out below, and see how many you already knew about!


SinB’s real name is Hwang Eunbi. While the way her stage name is spelled might make it seem like there’s something complex about it, it’s actually surprisingly simple and logical! “Sinbi”, which is how her stage name is pronounced, means “mysterious” in Korean, and she was given the stage name because “bi” is part of her given name.


E:U’s real name is Park Jiwon. The colon in the middle of her stage name is certainly unusual, but it does have a purpose! While some might think her name is connected to the EU (European Union), it’s not even close. Her stage name means “Especially for U”, which is super cute for fans!


When HA:TFELT was in Wonder Girls, she went by her real name, Yeeun. However, now that she’s become a solo artist, she goes by this much more unusual name, which also has a colon in the middle like E:U! The name is meant to represent her as both a producer and a composer, and is pronounced like “heartfelt”. The “HA:T” part of the name is a combination of both “hot” and “heart”, which also represents the different sides of her music.

4. Choerry (LOONA)

Choerry’s real name is Choi Yerim, which actually is the root of her stage name! Besides sounding like an adorable fruit, “Choerry” is a mix of her surname “Choi” and the first part of the second syllable of her first name, “Ri”. Together, it combines to make her stage name!

5. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar’s real name is Kim Yongsun, and it plays a part in her stage name, which actually has two different meanings. The first is that she used the last syllable of her name, “Sun”, and took the literal English meaning, which is “Solar”. The second explanation is that she originally wanted her stage name to be “Do Re Mi”, but when it was turned down, she took the “Sol” and “La” from higher up in the Solfège syllables to make “Solar”!

6. LE (EXID)

LE’s real name is Ahn Hyojin. Before she debuted in EXID, she was part of an underground group where she went by the name “Elly”. When she became a K-Pop idol, she kept the sound of her original performer name but changed the spelling to “LE”, as a reminder of where she came from!

7. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

Hwasa’s real name is Ahn Hyejin. She thought that Hyejin was too common of a name to use as an idol, so she decided she didn’t want to use it for her stage name. She decided to go with Hwasa because it comes from the adjective “hwasa-hada” which literally means “shine brightly”. For an idol as powerful and brightly shining as she is, it definitely suits her!