20+ Of The Sexiest Hair Flips Guaranteed To Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Oof, they’re are almost too hot to handle!

When K-Pop idols are performing on stage it doesn’t seem like they could get any sexier but then they’ll pull out a hair flip and give everyone a heart attack! And unluckily for fans, these occurrences don’t only happen on stage! Prepare your heart because these sexy hair flips are guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat or two!


1.  BTS Jungkook’s heart attack inducing flip

It came out of nowhere and left fans feeling very attacked!


2. TWICE Tzuyu’s perfect shot

Perfect in every way possible!


3. BLACKPINK Jennie’s stunning twirl


4. Goo Hara’s ponytail magic


5. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s heart fluttering hand flip


6. BTS Jungkook’s sexy and cute vibe


7. f(x) Krystal’s mesmerizing spin


8. Lovelyz Mijoo’s heart-stopping tresses twirl



9. Former After School member Nana’s sexy hair toss


10. SHINee Onew’s subtle and heart-melting flip


11. Sooyoung’s “queen of the hair flips” flip


12. INFINITE Sungjong’s hypnotizing move


13. SHINee Taemin’s fangirl-worthy hair tussle

Fanboys too!


14. TWICE Chaeyoung’s short hair masterpiece


15. TWICE Dahyun’s ethereal look


16. SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s iconic toss


17. BTS Jimin’s cute and oh so sexy poof


18. IZONE Chayeon’s killer combo


19. BLACKPINK Rosé’s ridiculously sexy hair flip


20. Sooyoung’s “back at it again” toss


21. GFreind Sowon’s elegant spin


22. Suzy’s bombshell flip


23. CLC Yeeun’s “whoah” hair flip


24. BLACKPINK Jennie’s suave flip


Bonus: Min Yoonji’s sassy floof


And BIGBANG G-Dragon’s “what could have been” fix

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