Here Are 12 Surprising K-Pop Idol Age Comparisons That Have Fans Shook

Were you aware of any of these age differences?

While age is just a number, when it comes to the K-Pop industry, the age at which idols debut can vary so much that it can lead to some surprising differences! Recently on Reddit, K-Pop fans discussed some age differences between idols that they didn’t expect, and had many reacting in disbelief. Here are 12 of those shocking age differences!

1. Solar (MAMAMOO) and Sunmi

Sunmi made her debut with Wonder Girls back in 2007, while Solar debuted with MAMAMOO in 2014. However, while Sunmi was born on May 2, 1992, making her 29 years old, Solar was born on February 21, 1991 — making her over a year older than the now-soloist!

2. Eric Nam and Jessi

While Jessi made her debut as a solo artist all the way back in 2005, Eric didn’t join the K-Pop scene until 2013. Despite this difference in their debut years, though, the two are only about a month apart in age — with Eric actually just a little older than Jessi! Eric was born on November 17, 1988, while Jessi was born December 17 the same year.

3. Xiumin (EXO) and Key (SHINee)

Key isn’t the youngest member of SHINee — he was born on September 23, 1991 — but though he debuted with the group in 2008, he’s actually younger than EXO’s oldest member, Xiumin, even though EXO debuted in 2012! Xiumin was born on March 26, 1990, making him about a year and a half older than his senior in the industry.

4. Sehun (EXO) and Minzy (former 2NE1)

Minzy debuted as the maknae of 2NE1 in 2009, back when she was just 15 years old (as she was born on January 18, 1994). Though Sehun debuted as the maknae of EXO three years later in 2012, he is only 3 months younger than Minzy, born on April 12, 1994!

5. Bang Chan (Stray Kids) and Jungkook (BTS)

Jungkook made his debut as the youngest member of BTS in 2013, and he was born on September 1, 1997. Stray Kids didn’t debut until 2018 — five years later — but their oldest member, Bang Chan, was born on October 3, 1997, making him just a month younger than Jungkook!

6. Irene (Red Velvet) and BoA

BoA is a legend in the K-Pop industry, making her debut all the way back in 2000 when she was just 13 years old (she was born on November 5, 1986). While she debuted a whole 14 years before Irene did, as she debuted with Red Velvet in 2014, BoA is only 4 years older than Irene, who was born on March 29, 1991!

7. Taemin (SHINee) and Taeil (NCT)

Not only is Taemin not the oldest member of SuperM — EXO’s Baekhyun takes that title — he’s not that much older than other juniors of his at SM Entertainment too! Taemin was born on July 18, 1993, and debuted with SHINee in 2008. Meanwhile, NCT’s oldest member, Taeil, debuted with the group in 2016, but he was born on June 14, 1994, making him just a year younger than Taemin despite their 8-year debut date difference!

8. Suzy (Miss A) and Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Suzy debuted with Miss A in 2010 at the age of 15, as she was born on October 10, 1994. Jisoo, the oldest member of BLACKPINK, debuted 6 years later in 2016, but she was born on January 3, 1995, making her only a couple months younger than the much more senior idol!

9. Ren (NU’EST) and Ravn (ONEUS)

Ren, the maknae of NU’EST, was born on November 3, 1995, making him 16 years old when the group debuted in 2012. Ravn, meanwhile, was born on September 2, 1995, making him a whole month older than his senior, even though he didn’t debut with ONEUS until 2019!

10. Hwasa (MAMAMOO) and Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Here’s another surprising comparison with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo! As stated earlier, she debuted with BLACKPINK in 2016 at the age of 21 (born on January 3, 1995), while Hwasa debuted as the maknae of MAMAMOO in 2014. Hwasa, however, was born on July 23, 1995, making her a couple of months younger than her junior in the industry!

11. Suhyun (AKMU) and Hyunsuk (TREASURE)

Suhyun was born on May 4, 1999, and debuted with her brother in AKMU in 2014 when she was 14 years old. Meanwhile, rookie idol Hyunsuk of TREASURE was born on April 21, 1999, so even though he just debuted in 2020, he’s a month older than his YG Entertainment senior!

12. Sungjong (INFINITE) and Daeyeol (Golden Child)

Sungjong is the maknae of INFINITE, born on September 3, 1993, and he debuted with the group in 2010. Though Golden Child didn’t debut until 7 years later in 2017, their oldest member, Daeyeol, was born on February 11, 1993, making him several months older than the INFINITE member!

Source: Reddit