K-Pop Idol Trainer Reveals 3 Sexiest Male Dancers In The Industry At The Moment

Their moves will captivate your heart.

The world of K-Pop is flourishing of talent and fans get to choose their biases from a wide range of visuals, skills, and personalities. And from this amazing pool of idols, a professional Korean idol trainer In Ji Woong picked the top 3 sexiest boy group members reigning as the current dancing kings in the industry!


1. BTS’s Jimin

K-Pop fans well know that BTS‘s Jimin is one of the most graceful dancers to have blessed the industry – and the trainer agreed. According to him, Jimin was “born to become a dancer”. His background in modern dance adds a kick to all his choreography, making Jimin’s moves look slightly more structured – but fluid at the same time. And this exclusive quality to Jimin’s dance makes him unrivaled. Jimin’s “sexiness” is inevitably alluring, kind of like the beauty of a Michelangelo artwork. He leaves his fans completely enchanted and spell struck by his surreal dance moves.


2. EXO’s Kai

EXO‘s Kai is, as simply and accurately put by the trainer, just “Wow” when he dances. Kai knows how to play with the dynamics of the choreography. His quick moves are faster than anyone else’s, while his slow moves are extra mellow and sexy. This “duality” gives him a rather masculine and powerful sexiness that is unparalleled in the industry. The trainer described Kai’s sexiness to be “beastly” and fans understand exactly what that means!


3. Jay Park

According to the trainer, Jay Park knows how to move his body in a completely “sensual” way. And his tattooed up, muscular physique only adds to the sexiness! The trainer pointed out that Jay Park has an “American” swag that really works for him too. Jay Park, with his unique hipster cool-guy vibe, is definitely at the peak of “exotic sexiness” that is relatively harder to find in traditional K-Pop boy groups. Jay Park fans know and love this unfamiliar kind of aura that Jay Park gives off when he’s groovin’ to the music!


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