The Only 11 K-Pop Idols That Are Under 155cm (5’1″) Tall

They’re fun-sized!

According to recent data, the average height for Korean women is around 160cm (or about 5’3″), though there are many female K-Pop idols that are much taller! A few, however, are considerably shorter, and are living proof that big things come in small packages. Here are the only 11 K-Pop idols who are 155cm (5’1″) or shorter, but still extremely talented and powerful on stage!

11. Nayoung (LIGHTSUM)

Nayoung, the main vocalist, lead dancer, and center of LIGHTSUM, is 19 years old, and 155cm (5’1″) tall!

10. Wony (We;Na)

Wony, the maknae of We;Na, is 18 years old, and 155cm (5’1″) tall!

9. Hikaru (Kep1er)

Hikaru, the main dancer of Kep1er, is 18 years old, and 155cm (5’1″) tall!

8. Sara (Beauty Box)

Sara, the visual, vocalist, and rapper of Beauty Box, is 20 years old, and 155cm (5’1″) tall!

7. Miku (Pink Fantasy)

Miku, the dancer and vocalist of Pink Fantasy, is 20 years old, and 154cm (5’0.5″) tall!

6. Eunchae (bugAboo)

Eunchae, the main rapper, main dancer, and vocalist of bugAboo, is 23 years old, and 154cm (5’0.5″) tall!

5. Windy (Girls’ World)

Windy, the leader and main vocalist of Girls’ World, is 22 years old, and 154cm (5’0.5″) tall!

4. Gooseul (Girls’ Alert)

Gooseul, the main dancer, main rapper, lead vocalist, and maknae of Girls’ Alert, is 21 years old, and 153cm (5′) tall!

3. Momoka (Pink Fantasy)

Momoka, the main dancer and vocalist of Pink Fantasy, is 21 years old, and 151cm (4’11.5″) tall!

2. Nako (former IZ*ONE)

Nako, the former sub-vocalist of IZ*ONE, is 21 years old, and 150cm (4’11”) tall!

1. Yeojin (LOONA)

Yeojin, the vocalist, rapper, and maknae of LOONA, is 19 years old, and 149cm (4’10.5″) tall!