10+ Times Idols Outdid Santa Claus With Their Christmas Costumes

Like Santa, they’re bringing cheer to fans everywhere.

K-Pop stars love to flaunt their best costumes at Halloween, but many bring their costume A-game to Christmas too. Here are some of the best idol Christmas outfits yet!


1. TWICE’s Santa dresses

TWICE gave Mrs. Claus a run for her money in these adorable, matching red dresses.

Each member had a slightly different design, but they were all special gifts for ONCE!


2. Wanna One’s absurd reindeer

Last year, Wanna One gave Wannables the gift of a Christmas special. During a holiday-themed episode of Wanna One Zero Base, the members dressed up in these adorable onesies…

…and did some really extra stuff.

Like, really extra stuff.

Let’s not forget about this either!


3. Girls Generation’s holiday stage outfits

During their 2011 Christmas special, Girls’ Generation wore matching Santa dresses to perform “All I Want For Christmas”. That year, all fans wanted for Christmas was SNSD!

As if that wasn’t enough, the members also gave fans the gift of these sparkling, silver-trimmed stage costumes while singing “Santa Baby”.


4. EXO’s elves

These are the best helpers Santa (and EXO-L) could ever wish for!


5. IU’s reindeer glam

This solo star stole hearts like The Grinch stole Christmas when she wore this sweet, red and white ensemble, complete with antlers.


6. SEVENTEEN’s Santas

Why have one Santa when you can have 12, plus 1 very happy reindeer? Last year, SEVENTEEN dressed up in full Santa garb for a special holiday live with their fans.

The year before that, they put on these fur-trimmed cloaks to dance to “All I Want For Christmas” on the Yang and Nam Show

…and let’s not forget that play they put on in 2013!


7. SHINee Jonghyun’s Bad Santa

In 2013, Jonghyun was reppin’ the naughty list in this sexy Santa get-up. (Note the kiss marks.)

He added a touch of cuteness to it too, by wearing this Rudolph nose.


8. VIXX’s Christmas crew

VIXX gave their hit “Chained Up” a whole new feel when they wore these Christmas costumes for a special dance practice. Fans certainly would mind getting these silly idols for Christmas!


9. Crayon Pop’s Christmas tree dresses

Crayon Pop has worn some memorable outfits, but these Christmas tree dresses are particularly unforgettable!


10. Orange Caramel’s Christmas tree dresses

Orange Caramel like to go all out so, but these outrageous Christmas tree dresses still came as the best kind of surprise. Who needs presents when you’ve got these shimmering beauties?


11. JYJ’s holiday trio

It’s impossible not to smile when looking at JYJ‘s Christmas stage outfits. Back in 2014, they really went all out to bring cheer to their fans!


12. Oh My Girl’s white Christmas dresses

In 2016, Oh My Girl sent seasons greetings to their fans while wearing these white, princess-style mini-dresses with antlers.


13. iKON Jinhwan’s Santa dress

Mrs. Claus best hold onto her man because Jinhwan is stealing hearts in this mini-dress!

Jinhwan wore this dress during an iKON concert, much to the delight of fans everywhere.