5 K-Pop Idols Who Can Speak Fluent English

Speaking two (or more) languages is an impressive skill.

Speaking one language fluently is difficult enough—there are new words, phrases, and colloquialisms that seem to pop up every day. Speaking two or more languages is a testament to one’s dedication and commitment to learning as it’s definitely not something you can accomplish with only half-hearted attempts.

Whether these idols started out fluent in English (and had to learn Korean) or learned English as a second language, their skills are impressive nonetheless.

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Having lived in New Zealand for a while, it’s only natural that Jennie would have a masterful understanding of the English language!

2. BTS’s RM

RM‘s English is self-taught. He previously said that he used “Friends” to help him learn the language!

Source: News1

3. KARD’s BM

BM is from Los Angeles, California, so English is actually his first language.

4. CL

CL attended international schools in her youth, which contributed to her natural aptitude for the English language.

5. Ailee

Like BM, Ailee is Korean American, so English is actually her first language!

While this list features only five K-Pop idols who can speak English fluently, the list of talented multilingual singers is actually much longer—from Somi to DAY6‘s Jae, the list goes on and on.