3 Times Where K-Pop Idols Became A Cheerful Audience For Cover Dancers

These idols’ reactions are so heartfelt!

From dance practices, choosing outfits, cinematography, and picking a location, creating a K-Pop dance cover can sometimes feel like making a professional music video.


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With all of the hard work that K-Pop cover dancers put into making their videos, there’s no better way to celebrate that achievement than performing with the support of an audience.

Here are three times where K-Pop idols themselves were the audience for cover dancers!

1. Can’t Dance Crew

New York City based Can’t Dance Crew was in for a surprise when CIX showed up to the filming of their “Jungle” cover on May 13, 2022.

Video thumbnail for “CIX WATCHES OUR JUNGLE (정글) COVER” |Can’t Dance Crew/YouTube

After CIX’s arrival, the members of Can’t Dance Crew were nervous, due to the pressure of trying to dance well for the original artists.

However, Jinyoung encouraged the dancers by giving them a pep talk before the performance.

CIX then moved behind the camera to get a better view of the dance.

Can’t Dance Crew proceeded to slay their cover with ease, nailing every move.

CIX cheered on and filmed the performance the entire time.

In a sweet gesture, the members even congratulated Can’t Dance Crew after their performance!


ACE is known to host various busking events in public.

In 2019, ACE held a busking event at the University of Washington in Seattle, in collaboration with MyMusicTaste.

Video thumbnail for “Dancing K-Pop in Public: A.C.E Dance Medley (+ A.C.E REACTS)” | THE KOMPANY/YouTube

University of Washington’s resident K-Pop dance cover team, THE KOMPANY, performed a special dance medley for ACE, including songs “Take Me Higher”, “Undercover”, “Callin'”, and “Cactus”.

ACE were super hyped for the performance, grooving alongside THE KOMPANY…

…and jumping with joy with support for their awesome dancing.

ACE also joined in the dancing festivities themselves to round out a successful busking event!

3. Koreos

Koreos, a K-Pop cover dance group based out of the University of California, Los Angeles, has collaborated with many K-Pop idols over the years.

To name a few, they’ve danced alongside GHOST9


…and most recently, AleXa!


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In 2018, Chungha got to see one of Koreos’ performances; however, instead of the Koreos members being surprised…

Video thumbnail for “Surprising Chungha with a Flash Mob!” | Koreos/YouTube

…they surprised Chungha instead!

First, Koreos partnered with YouTuber TerryTV to distract Chungha under the guise of filming a video where she goes to Chipotle for the first time.

Video thumbnail for “My First Date With a Kpop Star! (I Took Chung Ha to Chipotle lol)” | TerryTV/YouTube

After Chungha and TerryTV’s meal, as they turned the corner into the restaurant’s parking lot, Koreos were dancing to a medley of Chungha’s songs, including “Love U”, “Roller Coaster”, and “Why Don’t You Know”.

Chungha was totally caught off guard by the surprise performance.

At the end, she gave the dancers a big hug!

Touched by the dance medley, Chungha offered her gratitude to Koreos for their stunning dance moves.

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Source: Can't Dance Crew, THE KOMPANY and Koreos UCLA