These 6 K-Pop Idols All Debuted A Whopping 4+ Times

And every debut has been just as impressive as the last.

At most, the majority of idols get two debuts: one as part of a group, and one as a soloist. But these impressive idols all debuted at least four times each!

1. Cho Seungyoun

Debut #1: UNIQ

Cho Seungyoun first debuted as part of UNIQ in 2014, alongside YixuanSungjooWenhan, and Yibo.

Debut #2: Luizy

After appearing on Show Me the Money in 2016, Seungyoun made a hip-hop debut as Luizy.

Debut #3: WOODZ

Seungyoun first started using the name WOODZ as a producer, but in 2018 he decided to use it officially for all his solo activities.

Debut #4: X1

Finally, in 2019, Seungyoun participated in Produce X 101, where he ranked #5 and joined X1. After the group’s untimely disbandment, fans are hoping to see Seungyoun make his fifth debut.

2. Taemin

Debut #1: SHINee

Taemin‘s first debut was in SHINee in 2008 with co-members Jonghyun, Onew, Key and Minho.

Debut #2: Younique

In 2012, SM Entertainment and Hyundai put together a project group known as Younique. Aside from Taemin, other member’s included EXO‘s Kai and Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon.

Debut #3: Taemin

Taemin’s debut as a soloist came in 2014, when he release his debut mini album Ace.

Debut #4: SuperM

In 2019, SM Entertainment and Capital Records created their new “K-Pop supergroup” SuperM, with Taemin as one of the members.

3. Hyuna

Debut #1: Wonder Girls

In 2006, Hyuna debuted as a member of Wonder Girls with YeeunSunyeSunmi, and Sohee.

Debut #2: 4MINUTE

Just one year later, Hyuna’s parents removed her from Wonder Girls over concerns for her health. Then, in 2008, she joined Cube Entertainment, debuting under 4MINUTE a year later.

Debut #3: Hyuna

Next came Hyuna’s solo debut with “Change” in 2010. The song was originally restricted on broadcasting networks for ‘inappropriate content’.

Debut #4: Trouble Maker

Hyuna also debuted in two unit groups. The first was Trouble Maker with BEAST‘s Hyunseung.

Debut #5: Triple H

The second unit was Triple H with Pentagon‘s Hui and E’Dawn. Unfortunately, the group ceased activities after Hyuna and E’Dawn‘s dating news.

4. Baekhyun

Debut #1: EXO

In 2012, Baekhyun debuted as part of EXO‘s vocal line with Xiumin, SuhoLayChenChanyeolD.O.KaiSehunLuhanKris, and Tao.

Debut #2: EXO-CBX

Next, Baekhyun debuted in the group’s solo unit: EXO-CBX, formed of himself, Chen, and Xiumin.

Debut #3: Baekhyun

In July 2019, fans got Baekhyun’s much-awaited debut as a solo artist with City Lights.

Debut #4: SuperM

Just a few months later, Baekhyun also debuted as part of SuperM.

5. Taeyeon

Debut #1: Girls’ Generation

In 2007, Taeyeon and fellow members JessicaSunnyTiffanyHyoyeonYuriSooyoungYoonA, and Seohyun all debuted in Girls’ Generation.

Debut #2: Girls’ Generation-TTS

Girls’ Generation’s first unit, TTS, debuted in 2012. The group’s initials stood for vocalists Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun.

Debut #3: SM The Ballad

Taeyeon was also part of project group SM the Ballad in 2014 with TVXQ‘s Changminf(x)‘s Krystal, and more SM Entertainment artists.

Debut #4: Taeyeon

In 2015, Taeyeon began her solo career with her first mini album, I.

Debut #5: Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG

After Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun left SM Entertainment, the remaining Girls’ Generation debuted in the unit Oh!GG.

6. Mark

Debut #1: NCT U

Mark has been part of multiple NCT units. The first was NCT U in April 2016 with TaeyongDoyoungTen, and Jaehyun.

Debut #2: NCT 127

Next, in July 2016, Mark debuted under NCT 127 with Taeyong, TaeilYuta, Jaehyun, Winwin and Haechan.

Debut #3: NCT Dream

Again in August of the same year, Mark joined NCT Dream with RenjunJeno, Haechan, JaeminChenleJisung.

Debut #4: SuperM

Finally, in 2019, Mark joined SuperMwith Baekhyun, Taemin, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, and Lucas.