Here Are 10 K-Pop Idols That Would Definitely Be Slytherins

Home of the cunning and ambitious!

We’ve covered which K-Pop idols would be in all of the other Harry Potter houses – GryffindorRavenclaw, and Hufflepuff respectively – so it’s time to finish off with Slytherin!

While Slytherins often get a bad rep, they do have good traits associated with them, namely their determination to succeed and their cleverness.  The Sorting Hat said about the house:

Or perhaps in Slytherin,
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

Here are 10 idols whose ambition and stubborn tenacity – and maybe slightly mischievous personality – might have gotten them placed in Slytherin!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie may have had a reputation for being “lazy” at one point, but she genuinely seems like she is trying her best to be successful, and her solo debut was proof of how hard she worked to be able to have a solo hit so early in her career.

2. SHINee’s Key

Everyone knows that Key is the sass master of SHINee – and in the K-Pop industry as a whole!  Other Slytherins might have a hard time keeping up with his sharp wit – and equally sharp tongue.

3. BTS’s Suga

Once again going off of RM‘s canon list, Suga – along with Jimin – are reportedly Slytherins! This makes sense, since Suga is known for overworking himself constantly in order to continue to produce incredible music, and he’s also known for being one of the sassier and ruder-mouthed members of the group.

4. NCT’s Ten

Ten is known for his somewhat shrewd and sly personality, though more than that it’s obvious that he has a huge drive to be successful no matter which sub-unit of NCT he’s promoting with.

5. Red Velvet’s Yeri

Yeri is known to be a bit sneaky, oftentimes playing tricks on the other members of Red Velvet.  She’s also confident and ambitious, all of which would fit her into Slytherin just fine.

6. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

Jeonghan may be somewhat soft-spoken, but when he does speak, he can be witty and sassy – often at the expense of other members!  Like the other idols on this list, though, he’s also tenacious in his work and success as an idol.

7. HyunA

HyunA has a reputation for being a somewhat controversial idol due to her image, which can be more than a little “naughty” at times! She’s also been through many hardships and pushed onward through them in order to be as successful as she is now.

8. TWICE’s Tzuyu

Tzuyu has been said to have several of the traits often associated with Slytherin – clever, ambitious, and cunning. Her ambition especially is often highlighted, and fans agree that this house would suit her well!


The hard-working, sharp-eyed rapper was recently voted by his other members to be the most troublesome one in MONSTA X… And his mischievous nature does often shine through in his actions!

10. ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

Fellow ATEEZ member Wooyoung once listed the houses he believed each member would be in, and he put Seonghwa in Slytherin!  This may come as a surprise, given the vocalist’s somewhat soft and quiet demeanor, but he always works so hard and can be a little sassy with the other members when they’re getting a bit too rambunctious.