12 Fourth Generation K-Pop Idols Who Are Charming And Compassionate Libras

Do you share their zodiac sign?

“Libra season” runs from September 23 until October 22, meaning that it begins in about a day! There are plenty of Libras in the K-Pop industry, many of whom fit the charming, compassionate, and friendly traits that their zodiac type is said to have. Here’s a look at 12 fourth-generation K-Pop Libras you can’t help but love!

1. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

Bang Chan was born on October 3, 1997, and is the leader, producer, vocalist, dancer, and rapper of Stray Kids!

2. Gaeul (IVE)

Gaeul was born on September 24, 2002, and is the main dancer and rapper of IVE!

3. Hanni (NewJeans)

Hanni was born on October 6, 2004, and is a member of NewJeans!

4. Hayoung (fromis_9)

Hayoung was born on September 29, 1997, and is the lead vocalist and main dancer of fromis_9!

5. Heeseung (ENHYPEN)

Heeseung was born on October 15, 2001, and is the center of ENHYPEN!

6. Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM)

Yunjin was born on October 8, 2001, and is a vocalist of LE SSERAFIM!

7. Huijun (MCND)

Huijun was born on October 7, 2003, and is the main vocalist and lead dancer of MCND!

8. Jeongwoo (TREASURE)

Jeongwoo was born on September 28, 2004, and is the main vocalist of TREASURE!

9. Jongho (ATEEZ)

Jongho was born on October 12, 2000, and is the main vocalist and maknae of ATEEZ!

10. Lily (NMIXX)

Lily was born on October 17, 2002, and is a vocalist of NMIXX!

11. Woobin (CRAVITY)

Woobin was born on October 16, 2000, and is the main vocalist of CRAVITY!

12. Yuqi ((G)I-DLE)

Yuqi was born on September 23, 1999, and is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, and face of the group of (G)I-DLE!