Here Are All 13 Fourth Generation K-Pop Idols With Tattoos (That We Know About)

There aren’t too many out there yet!

While there are many K-Pop idols in the industry that have tattoos, there aren’t too many from the fourth generation that have gotten any yet! For some idols, it’s against their contracts to get tattoos; for others, it’s simply because they’re not interested in getting inked. Here are the 12 K-Pop idols from the fourth generation that we know have at least one (real) tattoo!

1. Hongjoong (ATEEZ)

While Hongjoong has had several different temporary tattoos in the past, there is only one that we know of currently that’s permanent: His ankle tattoo. It has the word “FAITH” written horizontally with wings on either side, and was designed by Hongjoong himself!

2. Soyeon ((G)I-DLE)

From what we can tell, it seems like Soyeon currently has two tattoos! One is a lotus flower on her shoulder blade, which she was nervous to get, but she claimed wasn’t as painful as she was afraid it would be.

The other tattoo is a heartbeat on the inside of her arm, which she got as a symbol of her signing up to be an organ donor.

3. Kim Lip (LOONA)

Kim Lip has an adorable crescent moon tattoo on her right index finger! She hasn’t explained exactly what the tattoo symbolizes, but it has to do with the placement of a ring on one’s index finger, and the moon symbolism is definitely connected to LOONA!

4. Chan (TO1)

Chan appears to have three large tattoos, and all of them have different meanings! One of them is a palm leaf on his forearm, which represents healing.

The second is a whale with other intricate details on the inside of his forearm, which shows his love for his older sister!

The final tattoo hasn’t been fully seen yet, but it appears to be an array of flowers on his back, which symbolize happiness.

5. Soojin (former (G)I-DLE)

Soojin appears to have the most tattoos out of all fourth generation K-Pop idols! All of them are on the smaller side, and are very delicate and pretty.

Her largest one seems to be the phrase she has written on the back of her arm, which reads “Self love is the best love”.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she has some we don’t know about, or if she gets new ones in the future!

6. Dohyun (MIRAE)

Like Soyeon, Dohyun also has an organ donor tattoo on the inside of his arm, though his also includes the words “organ donor”.

He also has some kind of tattoo on his chest near his collarbone, though we have yet to get a good look at it!

7. Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

Wooyoung is another member of ATEEZ with tattoos! One is a tattoo on his thigh with the phrase “Amicus ad aras”, a Latin phrase that means “friends until death”, that he shares with fellow ATEEZ member and bestie San. It’s a phrase that the two ATEEZ members use for their friendship, showing just how precious their relationship is.

He also has two other tattoos: He has the Spanish phrase “sin prosa sin pausa” on the left side of his ribcage, which fans haven’t been able to see too clearly yet, and most recently he had the phrase “I’m never alone and I never will be” tattooed onto his upper back!

8. San (ATEEZ)

As stated above, San has a matching “Amicus ad aras” tattoo to pair with Wooyoung’s, though unlike the other idol, we haven’t had the chance to see his yet.

9. Daehyeon (WEi)

Daehyeon has a couple of tattoos on his forearm! On the outside is a pair of feathers, and above them is the phrase “I want to be your son again if I’m born again”.

On the inside of his forearm, he has a flower!

Photos of this compass tattoo are just making the rounds today as well, so it looks like Daehyeon might have added a new one to his collection!

10. Yuqi ((G)I-DLE)

Yuqi has arguably one of the most adorable tattoos in the K-Pop industry: A cute corgi butt on her shoulder!

11. Xen (OMEGA X)

Xen has three tattoos that we know about: First is the word “panther” written on his neck.

The second is the phrase “Je puis tout par celui qui me fortifie” written along his inner arm, which is French for Philippians 4:13 in the Bible, “I can do everything through the One who strengthens me”.

Lastly, he has the silhouette of a bird on the inside of his forearm!

12. Lien (MIRAE)

Lien has four tattoos that we know about! The first is a hand with crossed fingers holding a rose on the inside of his arm.

The second is the phrase “Clavis Aurea” on the outside of his opposite arm, which is Latin for “Golden Key”.

He has the word “Room” written across the back of one hand…

And a cross on one of his fingers!

13. NingNing (aespa)

Finally, aespa’s maknae NingNing has two cute tattoos as well, the latter of which she designed! The first one is the word “Sweetener” written on the back of her arm…

And the second is a cute devil-angel design that she came up with!

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