Here’s How K-Pop Idols Really Get Each Other’s Numbers, According To K-Pop Artists

They find ways!

It’s not often that fans see K-Pop groups interacting with idols of the opposite sex, but that’s not to say that they never interact.

K-Pop artist Coco and former long-term trainee Gina Maeng sat down to film a question and answer video on the YouTube channel, Rilaccoco, where they shared, “K-Pop idols interact with each other at music shows? Yes!”

Gina: It’s really fun, [such as] sneaking into each other’s waiting room.

Coco: Especially if you’re dating someone that you’re promoting with.

When the cameras aren’t rolling, they socialize like usual.

It’s so possible for them to come into your waiting room and just talk to each other. Just be like, ‘Oh, we’re friends.’

— Coco

Music shows are actually great places for interested parties to get the numbers of fellow idols. Coco explained that this usually happens through the help of mutual friends.

K-Pop idols interact behind the scenes in music shows | KBS

If I knew Joshua from SEVENTEEN and one of his members was interested in me…it’s easy. Or if I were interested in his members, I’d be like, ‘Dude, I’m really interested in yada yada.’ It’s really easy.

— Coco

Gina added that in the era of social media, it’s simple to get in touch with fellow celebrities online as well.

| rilaccoco 리락코코/YouTube

Even if you have no mutual friend, everyone’s DM-ing (direct messaging) [each other on social media].

— Gina

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Source: YouTube