8 K-Pop Idols In Wedding Dresses That Will Have You Dying For A Spring Wedding

Can’t find a bride/groom? Marry yourself!

Spring has sprung, and although we’re all trapped indoors at the moment, this is a very popular time of the year for weddings. With beautiful flowers blooming, warm weather, and lucky rain showers, Spring is a particular favorite for brides around the world. Whether you’re planning a wedding right now, or not, why not admire these 8 K-Pop idols in wedding dresses to get some fierce inspo?

Min Hyo Rin’s wedding dress fitting

1. Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Hyeri looks like royalty in this wedding dress/tiara combo, and we adore the intricate lace beading throughout!

2. Min Hyo Rin

This delicate dress is classic and gorgeous. Despite its ethereal look, it doesn’t overwhelm Min Hyo Rin’s natural beauty.

3. Kang Mi Youn (Former Baby V.O.X)

Mi Youn’s wedding dress is feminine, fun, and flirty. It has a classic look that will stand that test of time, but still manages to be effortlessly stylish.

4. IU

IU looks like a literal angel in this wedding dress. She would certainly be the center of attention on her wedding day, if this were her dress.

5. Song Hye Kyo

All right, Song Hye Kyo isn’t an idol, however, her wedding dress was so lovely that we simply couldn’t leave it off this list!

6. Lee Sang Hwa

Okay, Lee Sang Hwa isn’t an idol — but her husband Kangnam is! That kind of counts, right? Sang Hwa’s wedding dress(es) were tasteful and excellent choices for such a high profile wedding.


7. Suzy (Former Miss A)

Suzy is a natural beauty who looks good all the time, so it goes without saying that she makes this wedding dress look good, not the other way around.

8. Dohee (Former Tiny-G)

Dohee looks like a fairy in this boho bridal look that’s perfect for outdoor weddings.

Which are your favorite idol or celebrity wedding dresses? (Whether it was used for their actual wedding, a comeback, or pictorial.)