K-Pop Idols Who Kill It With Headbands And Bandanas

These idols may convince you to start wearing headbands and bandanas.

Headbands and bandanas have always been common in K-Pop for a few reasons. One reason could it being a fashion accessory and it adds to the look of the idol. Another reason could be for practicality reasons and for it to push their hair out of their faces. Whatever the reason may be, there are many idols that just look fantastic in headbands and/or bandanas, here are 10 of them.

1. Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Chaeyoung manages to give off her usual cute looks but still has a sporty vibe to her.



2. Suga (BTS)

Headbands and bandanas are such an iconic look for Suga, it’s no wonder he’s rocked them from the start of his career to even recently.



3. Chaeyeon (DIA)

Chaeyeon can pull off either a bandana or a headband, while also managing to look cute or elegant.



4. V (BTS)

Headbands and bandanas manage to make V look more mature and fiercer.




5. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

It’s something about Hoshi being a great dancer that makes the headband look so good on him.




6. Hani (EXID)

Headbands manage to make Hani look like a “bad girl” with an attitude.




7. Key (SHINee)

The headband definitely fits Key‘s hairstyle at the time and it makes his eyes shine.




8. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi gives off a more sports image with the headband and she rocks it like a champion.




9. Kai (EXO)

Kai with a bandana looks like a rebellious person, but he gives a fitness trainer vibe with the headband (probably the clothes and age).



10. Mark (NCT)

It makes him look like a teenager that loves to play pranks.