These 5 K-Pop Idols Participating On “Kingdom” Were Voted Most Handsome By The Other Contestants

Not all of them are even considered official “visuals” in their group!

On the most recent episode of the competition show Kingdom: Legndary War, each of the six participating groups — ATEEZ, BTOB, iKON, SF9, Stray Kids, and The Boyz — took part in a sports competition for the “Athletic Championship” episode.

Along with competing against one another in various sporting events, each of the idols was also asked at the beginning of the episode to vote for who they think is the “visual king” among all of the boys participating on Kingdom!

While there were only supposed to be four top-voted winners — with the title given to them being the “Kingdom Flower 4” — two idols ended up tied for fourth place, so 5 of them ended up being in the top visual ranking!

The ranking was all in good fun and doesn’t have any real or lasting implications, but here were the five idols who earned the most votes from their fellow contestants!

5. Hyunjae (The Boyz)

Hyunjae, The Boyz’s lead vocalist, lead dancer, and visual, had a total of 3 votes from the other idols participating on the show!

4. Eunkwang (BTOB)

Tied for fourth place with Hyunjae, BTOB’s leader and main vocalist Eunkwang also earned 3 votes on the episode!

3. Sunwoo (The Boyz)

Coming in third place was The Boyz’s Sunwoo — the group’s main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist — who had a total of 4 votes!

2. Felix (Stray Kids)

JYP Entertainment

Felix, Stray Kids’ rapper, vocalist, and dancer, earned 5 total votes which placed him in the second place position of the ranking!

1. Minhyuk (BTOB)

And finally, Minhyuk, who is BTOB’s lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, and visual, won the overall ranking with 7 total votes from other participants!