25 K-Pop Idols That Look So Magical And Ethereal, They Could Pass As Elves

Their visuals are supernaturally beautiful.

Every K-Pop idol is beautiful and unique in their own way, whether they’re more traditionally attractive or have unique and unusual features that make them really stand out. Recently on Reddit, K-Pop fans came up with a list of idols that they think could pass as elves based on their visuals! Here are 25 of the stunning idols that were mentioned.

1. YooA (Oh My Girl)

YooA has always had angelic visuals, but her styling for “Bon Voyage” made her look like a literal fairy.

2. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Taeyeon’s doll-like visuals make her look so beautiful that it’s unreal.

3. Karina (aespa)

Even though Karina is new to the K-Pop industry, her visuals are undebatably stunning and otherworldly.


The8 has uniquely charming elvish features, both in his face and proportions overall!

5. Jinsoul (LOONA)

Jinsoul looks great with any hair color, but the blonde makes her look especially angelic and ethereal!

6. Felix (Stray Kids)

With Felix’s uniquely beautiful and delicate visuals and adorable freckles, it’s almost a surprise he isn’t a magical being.

7. Taeyong (NCT/SuperM)

Taeyong has been said to look like an anime character before, and it’s not surprising to see why!

8. WinWin (NCT)

One of WinWin’s ears are actually pointy, so this basically confirms he’s at least half-elf!

9. San (ATEEZ)

San’s angular and unique features give him a stunning and magical sort of visual that is hard to find.

10. Kim Lip (LOONA)

Kim Lip’s intense gaze and stunning natural beauty are impossible to ignore, like she’s cast a spell on you!

11. Miyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Miyeon voices the kitsune character Ahri in the virtual group K/DA, and she’s just as alluring and gorgeous as the character!

12. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Hyunjin is another member of Stray Kids with a sort of feminine and delicate charm that makes him incredibly beautiful.

13. Wonyoung (IZ*ONE)

Gowon has the sort of beauty that seems youthful and everlasting, making it seem like she might never age.

14. Tzuyu (TWICE)

TWICE’s maknae has long been praised for her incredible visuals, which definitely give her the appearance of something magical!

15. Seonghwa (ATEEZ)

Seonghwa is another member of ATEEZ who has incredibly sharp and unique features that make him look like a magical creature, and he’s even been compared to Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon!

16. Renjun (NCT)

Renjun has gorgeous angular and interesting features like others on this list that give him just that extra bit of mystical and intriguing charm that can seem elvish!

17. Yeoreum (Cosmic Girls)

Yeoreum’s large, doe-like eyes, porcelain skin, and overall beauty make it hard to believe she is completely human.

18. Yeji (ITZY)

Yeji’s sharp, cat-like visuals have had people compare her to the Light Fury in How to Train Your Dragon — just like Seonghwa’s similar comparison!

19. Yiren (EVERGLOW)

Yiren’s perfectly proportioned features and soft, charming aura give her an absolutely magical appearance.

20. Hwanwoong (ONEUS)

The combination of Hwanwoong’s strong jawline yet delicate chin gives him a really unique and interesting appearance.

21. Minhyuk (MONSTA X)

Minhyuk’s energetic and playful personality perfectly matches his somewhat mischievous and cute, impish looks!

22. Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

Joshua’s long been praised for his incredible beauty, and his big eyes and somewhat feline visuals make him a very strong candidate on this list.

23. Gowon (LOONA)

Gowon’s flawless visuals seem too perfect to be real, so an elven bloodline must be the explanation!

24. Ren (NU’EST)

Even without his long hair, Ren has very charming and elegant features that could make him be mistaken as an elf.

25. Nagyung (fromis_9)

With her two-toned hair, Nagyung looks even more mysterious and mystical.

Source: Reddit