These Are 15 K-Pop Idols That Have Looked The BEST With Blonde Hair, Determined By Fans

Do you agree with their choices?

At some point in their career, nearly all K-Pop idols seem to try a blonde look. Whether it’s white-blonde or a darker shade, it has been a trend for a while for at least one member of a group to rock the lighter hair color for a comeback! Some idols, however, arguably pull off the blonde look better than others, and while who does is a matter of opinion, some fans on Reddit recently discussed who they think have worn the color best. Here are 15 of their top choices!


While Rosé, of course, has looked stunning in every color of hair that she has tried (special shout out to the pink shade she had in “Lovesick Girls”!), a lot of fans agree that she seems like a natural blonde!

2. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

In Taeyeon’s long career as a singer, she has gone through pretty much every natural hair color you can think of (and then some). However, there’s a reason she has gone blonde multiple times — it suits her so well!

3. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

Some fans may argue that Jeonghan’s long hair era was his best (and honestly, it really was iconic!), but others have swooned over how angelic he looks in platinum locks.

4. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

When you think of male idols with long blonde hair, there’s a reason that the first one that comes to mind for many would be Hyunjin! Though his hair is short once more, this Hyunjin still lives on in our memories.

5. Somi

Somi may have had some worries about dyeing her hair blonde, but there’s no denying that she looks gorgeous in this color!

6. Jimin (BTS)

Jimin is another idol that has tried tons of different hair colors, lengths, and styles in his time in the industry, and though many fans have different eras as their favorite, a lot agree that he suits blonde incredibly well!

7. Felix (Stray Kids)

Another member of Stray Kids who has had iconic blonde hair, Felix’s gorgeous fairy-like visuals look even more ethereal with this color that brings out his adorable freckles!

8. Sana (TWICE)

No matter what style or color Sana goes for, her visuals will always shine through, but some fans of the TWICE member think that blonde is her best look — and based on how stunning she looks, it’s easy to see why!

9. Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

Hyoyeon has been praised for what fans call her “scalp of steel” for having blonde hair for the majority of her lengthy time as an idol (how has her hair withstood so much bleaching??), but we can’t blame her for keeping it that color because of how amazing it looks!

10. Yeosang (ATEEZ)

Yeosang isn’t a visual of ATEEZ for no reason, and while he’s had a wide variety of different hair styles that he has looked stunning in, some fans think that blonde is his best color!

11. Huening Kai (TXT)

Not only have fans praised Huening Kai for how much more mature and elegant he has looked with his recent blonde hair, but his sister — Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih — has just gone blonde as well, which fans are loving! Looks like they truly do have the same genes!


12. Ni-ki (ENHYPEN)

ENHYPEN’s youngest member has stayed with dark hair for most of his career so far, but many fans of the young idol have swooned over how incredible he looks with a lighter tone!


13. Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

And once more, yet another Stray Kids member that fans praise for how he looks with blonde hair is leader Bang Chan. And honestly, with his wildly tousled curls and already handsome visuals, who can blame them?

14. Kim Lip (LOONA)

Though other members of LOONA have tried the blonde look, the member most mentioned on the Reddit post was Kim Lip! Her platinum locks paired with a bright-colored lip is absolutely stunning.

15. San (ATEEZ)

And finally, another ATEEZ member who fans loved blonde (and would like to see him try it again!) is the stage demon San. His already model-like visuals look even more breathtaking with light-colored hair, though really, he’s proven that he can make any style look incredible!

Source: Reddit