All 4 K-Pop Idols That NCT’s Members Were Rumored To Date

The “evidence” for some of these is pretty out there!

When it comes to K-Pop idols dating, fans often try to use the most minute and far-fetched pieces of “evidence” as proof that two idols are in a relationship. While sometimes there is more concrete evidence, such as photos taken of secret meetings or otherwise, more often than not, people seem to be grasping at straws when trying to make a case for two idols dating.

With NCT‘s many members, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of them have been caught up in dating rumors, some more believable than others. Here are the 4 K-Pop idols who have been speculated to date an NCT member the most, though keep in mind, none of them have been confirmed to be true!

1. Jungwoo and Karina (aespa)

Late in 2021, a lot of rumors began to spread online that Jungwoo and aespa’s Karina were dating. In fact, one netizen made a list of six reasons that the two were in a relationship, though the legitimacy of the list is definitely up for debate! This first on the list was that the two idols used the same identical acronyms twice in a chatroom.

Along with this, they also gave “evidence” with the two idols posting pictures of the sky at the same time, as well as recommending the same songs to fans.

Sky photo shared by Jungwoo
Sky photo shared by Karina
List of songs recommended by both idols

Both idols have also used the same “unusual” winking face emoticon, which is listed as the fourth piece of evidence.

The fifth incident on the list is when Karina used a gif of a cartoon character eating pizza on Bubble and called it cute at the same time that a teaser was posted of Jungwoo eating pizza. And finally, the last piece of “evidence” is the fact that both idols use the phrase “skrr skrr”, which isn’t a common expression by Koreans.

All of this seems quite far-fetched to most K-Pop fans, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you think it’s evidence, since no confirmation or denial has been announced!

2. Haechan and Ryujin (ITZY)

Haechan and Ryujin’s dating rumors have been going on for a while, since the NCT member was seen to be following ITZY’s VLive channel. This happened in May 2021, when Haechan accidentally showed who he followed on the streaming app during a livestream, and fans noticed that it was only NCT and ITZY. Around the same time, Ryujin spoke about taking time to make herself look nicer, which fans thought could be because of Haechan.

They’ve also had similar items such as Bluetooth headphones, phone cases, Adidas shoes, and Apple watches. Like Karina and Jungwoo, fans also suspected they might be rubbing off on each other with their way of speaking similarly over Bubble.

Finally, some netizens believed that Ryujin’s reaction to the opening scene of ITZY’s “LOCO” music video is evidence that she’s dating Haechan. When a girl’s call is ignored by her boyfriend who is playing a video game, Ryujin reacts by saying, “Oh, the boyfriend! There is the reality going on here, he didn’t pick up because he was playing games.” This led fans to believe that she experienced something similar with Haechan, which seems pretty far-fetched!

3. Mark and Mina (former gugudan)

Former gugudan member and now-actress Kang Mina has been friends with Mark ever since they both attended the Seoul School of Performing Arts, and were both born in 1999. They also had the opportunity to MC together on Show! Music Core in 2018, which allowed their friendship to grow even more. As fans got to see the two idols interacting both on and off-stage, the chemistry between them had people wondering if there was a romance blooming.

One time in 2018, when gugudan’s members appeared on NCT’s radio show Night Night hosted by Johnny and Jaehyun, Mina was asked about Mark. She replied by saying that, “Besides being handsome, he’s a friend who works very hard.” Between her comment and the grins that Johnny and Jaehyun gave her in response, fans were even more convinced that the two were dating. However, no confirmation was ever made from either of their companies, and it seems that they remain close friends to this day!

4. Taeyong and Yeri (Red Velvet)

The dating rumors between Yeri and Taeyong go back as far as 2018, and continue on to this day. It all started when the two idols’ names appeared beside each other on Naver, and fans then began to look for evidence that they were dating. There was a “cupcake incident” at an SM Entertainment Halloween party in which Taeyong had his photo taken while kissing a cupcake, and Yeri was later photographed making a kissing face with the same cupcake.

Another piece of “evidence” is that Taeyong spoke about being a “fireman that blows up fans’ worries and concerns” during NCT 127’s “Fire Truck” era, and around the same time, Yeri said that she wanted to be a firefighter. Other claims include them using the same passport, Yeri having a phone background that fans thought might be Taeyong (though it’s very hard to tell), and that the two of them seemed to be hanging around each other, especially at SM Entertainment’s Halloween party. Again, however, no real confirmations have been made by any legitimate sources!