7 K-Pop Groups Imagined As Nintendo Switches… Seriously!

The two most popular things in the world right now: Nintendo and K-Pop.

Like K-Pop, the Nintendo Switch is at the top of its game right now. So, we thought, why not imagine some of our favorite groups as the console? 🤷

1. BIGBANG as the classic Nintendo Switch

With their bright colors, it’s a no brainer that BIGBANG would be the classic Nintendo Switch. Duh!

BIGBANG | Source: Inkigayo
Source: Pocketlint

2. SISTAR19 as pink and blue Nintendo Switch Lite

SISTAR19 is arguably one of the most attention-grabbing duos ever. A fun amalgam of cute, sexy, and chic, they represent the pink and blue Switch Lite perfectly.

Source: Wired

3. TWICE as the Animal Crossing edition Nintendo Switch

With as many members as there are animals in the game, TWICE is the real-life embodiment of Animal Crossing and the Nintendo Switch edition that represents it!

Source: Nintendo

4. BTS as the black Nintendo Switch

Hold on, before you come for us with pitchforks, hear us out! Black is a classic, iconic color that doesn’t need any gimmicks to help it sell. That’s BTS. The group is iconic in their own right.



Source: Nintendo

5. ITZY as the Pokémon Switch Lite

Zacian and Zamazenta are new pokémon (featured on the back of the Switch), sort of like ITZY who debuted in 2019. Despite being “new”, they’re all iconic AF and have shown that they’ll stand the test of time.

Source: Walmart

6. MAMAMOO as the Tsum Tsum edition Nintendo Switch

MAMAMOO’s image is fierce and empowering, but outside of their group’s “image” each member is actually a fluffy, soft cinnamon roll — just like a tsum tsum!

Source: The Verge


7. Red Velvet as the Coral pink Nintendo Switch Lite

Coral pink is the Nintendo Switch Lite’s newest colorway and pretty much sold out upon release. Similar in color to a red velvet cake, the coral pink switch is the embodiment of Red Velvet — cute, stylish, and unattainable.

Red Velvet
Source: Gamestop

While the Nintendo Switch is basically sold-out worldwide as everyone tries to find things to keep them busy, you can always fall back on good ol’ trusty K-Pop to occupy your time. So, if you don’t have a Switch, why not stream some music from the above groups, or whoever you stan?