10+ things K-Pop idols do in the Philippines that you can do too

K-Pop stars love to visit Philippines for fun photoshoots and life-changing vacations. Here’s how to vacay like a Korean idol in PH! 

1. Enjoy the white sand beaches of South Cay/Pagbinit Island in Palawan like BTS — play beach volleyball like Jimin and Jin or go hunting for cute crabs like RM.


2. Explore the crystal clear waters of Kayangan Lake of Coron Island like CL and Dara.


3. Visit the Loboc River in Bohol like CN Blue’s Jonghyun and chat with the local kids!


4. Eat local Boracay street food like Seungri and Dara, they feasted on the Chori burger.


5. Stop for a quick picture before diving into the waters of Boracay like Girls Generation’s Yuri.


6. Go snorkeling and scuba diving in the waters of Black/Busuanga Island just like BTS.


Maybe you’ll find a quick peso like V did!


7. No trip to Philippines in complete without a stop at Jollibee, the famous Filipino fast food chain.

Heechul says you must eat Jollibee when you visit the Philippines.


Jonghyun from CN Blue is a fan as well!


Cha Eunwoo loved to eat at Jollibee when he studied in the Philippines during his elementary years.


8. Go shopping on Bonifacio High Street in Metro Manila, and pick up some halo-halo (local shaved ice dessert) while you’re there. Ailee highly recommends this course!


9. Ailee also loved going for dinner and watching the Manila sunset at the famous Sky High Restaurant!


10. Looking for a huge thrill? Try cliff jumping in Kawasan Falls like B1A4’s Sandeul!

Once you jump, you can take a relaxing float above the water like Sandeul too.


11. Try some classic local dishes like Shrimp Sinigang with Lapu-Lapu and Chicken & Pork Adobo. Make sure to film a mukbang like Suga and J-Hope!


12. Go sailing in the clear waters near Boracay — Great Seungri style! Make sure to bring your drone camera to get cool aerial shots.


13. Head up to Manila to turn up in a club, and maybe they’ll let you spin at the DJ table like Seungri and Dara.


14. Throw a birthday bash at a beach resort in Sabang, Palawan like Amber of f(x)!


15. And if you find yourself at a pineapple tree without a knife, all you need is muscles like Jungkook to peel it open!